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Research and experimentation in pole position with HOMI Milano 2018

Spaces to live, accessories to wear, jewelry to show off. The edition of HOMI to be held at RHO Milano-Fiera, from 26 to 29 January ’18, promises to be a journey to discover the contemporary man customs and traditions.

HOMI consists in a space divided into 10 satellites – 10 different visions of contemporary living and inhabiting –within each participating producer, artisan and designer will exhibit his own creations, analyze future trends and above all he will be able to meet interested buyers and dealers, both Italian and international.

Below the video playlist of all the initiatives and spaces organized in the last edition of HOMI September 2017

Deciding to give prominence to the lifestyles that revolve around the life of every individual is definitely a forward-looking choice for Fiera Milano. Understanding how the customs and practices of each person change and transform is, in fact, a very useful tool for the commercial success of a new article designed and created to harmonize with the evolving needs of its ideal customer. Thanks also to the support of research institutes and statistics that – together with all the other services made available by Homi – make this event a unique opportunity for every productive and commercial activity linked to the home and to the person.

A very practical and functional approach that allows producers, artisans and designers to keep up with the times, evolving their productions, in the awareness of what will be the direction of market demand, and at the same time opening direct channels with shopkeepers, buyers and retailers from all over the world.

homi pad.11 i maestri del gioiello 013

Madeinitalyfor.me team will be present in Hall 1, the Fashion & Jewels satellite – dedicated to bijoux and fashion accessories – with one of our stands in position D06. We will have the opportunity to represent our artisans and designers in meetings with buyers and retailers, national and international, offering all visitors the opportunity to know each other better and know the exclusive proposals that our craftsmen have prepared for private and retailers.

HOMI – a space for research and experimentation in the Fashion & Jewels satellite

In the previous blog article we told you about the Project ROOM – FASHION VIBES, organized by Artisanal Intelligence – a space dedicated to the design, which goes from the pattern to the accessory, from the interior design to the fashion collections, where the creative process is told and put on show. A factory of ideas where ten selected designers propose a new style that makes accessible a world of products evolved and studied on more creative experiences.

HOMI 2018_project room_fashion_madeinitalyfor.me

But the Fashion & Jewels pavilion presents itself as a container for different thematic spaces, in which RESEARCH and EXPERIMENTATION represent the leitmotiv.

And here is how, together with the many exhibitors in the field, we find three other areas of absolute value, chosen among the representatives of a world, that of Italian jewelery and bijoux, in great creative and productive ferment:


It’s the research workshop of the narrative jewel. A space in Hall 1 of the Fashion & Jewels satellite, curated by Maria Elena Capelli, which promotes Italian craftsmanship, research and selection, proposing jewels with a soul and a tradition to tell.

Professional operators attending HOMI 2018 will be able to meet the following artisans and designers selected for the TUTTEPAZZEPERILBIJOUX space:

  1. Peggy Arte – a fusion of different artistic paths in the pictorial, sculptural and design fields of the three founding artists. The constant experimentation of materials and artistic techniques leads them to find in papier mâché the key to expressing her art.
  2. Ofelia Beltrame – Creations that pay homage to the beauty that is still there. A journey of Italian suggestions and a tribute to the slowness of doing and with a look at the past, seeing the future.
  3. Sacramore Florence – love for perfect imperfection. Jewels created by embedding stones one by one, with the quest to make every detail harmonious.
  4. Magie Jewels, Stone Philosophy – a brand that takes care of every detail of every jewel. Identifies the new trends and make them unique, classic, special and contemporary.


Maestri del gioiello (Jewel’s masters) area, curated by Eventi Doc Di Vallegra, has as its protagonists the small artisan goldsmiths reality and the most hidden jewelery producers. An area that presents jewelery operators that express a high artistic and executive level. The goal is to defend and at the same time enhance the quality, art, craftsmanship and technique in the goldsmith industry.


Showing the masters of jewelry to stimulate the artisans in the search for creativity and evolving professionalism. The exhibitors present will be:

  1. Cazzaniga Nobili – the passion in creativity and the expertise of the master goldsmith who translates dreams into a sign;
  2. FMP di Picciali Marco – unique jewelry take shape from the combination of noble and less noble metals;
  3. Zangara Gioielli – collections far from the crowd and the standards, which combines the pleasure of using different stones with different shades of color;
  4. GIULIANAdiFRANCO – the colors of the Mediterranean and Sicilian tradition are the protagonists, a synergy between objects and subjects that choose each other.


The space that HOMI dedicated to HOMI SPERIMENTA and SPERIMENTA PLUS is the one that shows, probably more than any other space organized by Fiera Milano, the essence of the concept of Research and Experimentation.

HOMI Sperimenta e sperimenta plus. jew HOMI GEN 18

HOMI SPERIMENTA Fashion & Jewels displays in fact a selection of self-productions and unpublished creations dedicated to jewelery. Creations are made starting elements worked and assembled in unique pieces, with the use of refined and innovative materials for aesthetics.

Among others will be protagonists: in Hall 1 the designer Maria Diana who creates contemporary jewelry using porcelain, stoneware and ceramics, enriching them with precious materials such as gold and platinum. His jewels have been exhibited in international museums as the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and Mad Museum (New York); and in Hall 3 Anna Lodi, a pioneer in the stylistic characterization of bijoux such as the introduction of the story, of the asymmetry and of the fabric ribbon. A recognizable style that does not follow fashion, but expresses itself in beauty.

We have seen many ways of conceiving the research and experimentation of materials and processing techniques. So many ways to satisfy the different lifestyles of contemporary man and that make HOMI – The living room of lifestyles a unique event in the exhibition, national and international.

Are you a professional operator, artisan, producer or designer in the Fashion & Jewels sector? Come and visit us, we look forward to meeting you!

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