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HOMI – THE SALON OF LIFE STYLES, from 24 to 27 January in Fieramilano, presents the living trends of 2020

An edition full of innovative proposals is launched: Stories of craftsmanship and innovation, moments of meeting and comparison; and again, research and sharing between professionals and stakeholders, sustainability and future. These are the guidelines that inaugurate the new edition of HOMI – The Lifestyles Exhibition, scheduled at fieramilano (Rho) from 24 to 27 January with a renewed and evolving format that ranges from decoration to tableware, from design to textiles, from fragrances to gifting and festivity.

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The next edition of HOMI will host about 600 exhibitors. 19% of the companies on show come from abroad. The companies present are addressed to multiple types of visitors, accompanying them in a storytelling always in progress with the help of experiential paths. In these paths the national and international perspectives merge to become one and are enriched by special projects born in the sign of originality, inclusiveness and sustainability.

Historic and consolidated brands, together with the new designers, will design a rich and articulated offer, but easily accessible thanks to the new structure of the event. It follows distribution logic conceived around three different moments of visit, designed to meet the needs of operators and diversified consumer-experience.

Tognana - New decorative languages and mix & match lines to live the everyday life of the table with originality and fantasy. Great attention is paid to new printing methods, such as pad printing which allows work with a textured and relief effect.

Tognana nuovi linguaggi decorativi e linee mix&match per vivere con originalità e fantasia la quotidianità della tavola. Grande attenzione è rivolta a nuove modalità di stampa, come il pad printing che consente lavorazioni con effetto materico e a rilievo.


HOMI, The Lifestyles Exhibition is a trendsetter and a careful observer of the market, it encloses and amplifies, in its versatile essence, the creative ferment that has its center in all dimensions of the home world. The event is developed through four narrative projects, which will help companies and buyers to better disseminate the experiential and design content that will emerge in the event.

  • Stories of craftsmanship and innovation characterize #HOMIStory in which work, passion and dreams become the fil rouge of a narrative that brings backstage projects and products of living, national and international, in the name of excellence.
  • #HOMITalk is articulated in moments of meeting and sharing ideas by choosing unexpected locations – such as ateliers and private homes – with a selected public to open an ongoing debate on living and lifestyle issues.
  • #HOMICommunity talks about research and sharing at the centre of a roadshow program, distributed throughout Italy to start a constructive dialogue with the entrepreneurial and artisan fabric in the name of an interest that becomes a community.
  • Space to sustainability and the future with #HOMINext, a project that brings together and enhances sustainable creativity from around the world. This edition, which takes the name ECOSOCIALLY by Luca Gnizio, will be curated by the eco-social artist of the same name, who will show the most innovative and original eco and ethical design solutions.

Among the actors of this beautiful event, we have interviewed for you: Italfama that since 1976, offers chessboards both in classic and contemporary style, as well as historical themed chess like the reproduction of famous battles and characters of ancient and recent history.


A new green sensibility invests and changes our consumption habits, also impacting on accessories and household items. Also at HOMI ecofriendly and environmentally conscious choices represent one of the most interesting and widespread trends. Many are the proposals of the exhibiting companies to which HOMI joins #HOMINext with a new project dedicated to the future and sustainability.

The curator of this first edition, which takes the name ECOSOCIALLY by Luca Gnizio, is the ecosocial artist of the same name, pioneer of ecological and social art, who brings on display the most innovative and original eco and ethical design solutions.

The space #HOMINext – ECOSOCIALLY by Luca Gnizio therefore welcomes a rich anthology of this artist, made entirely with the most disparate waste materials. These materials become, not only beautiful and functional works of art, but also new patents and ecological innovations, also disavowing the idea that creations made with waste material return products of lesser value.

However, the #HOMINext project also includes direct involvement with the companies on show. Luca Gnizio during the days of the exhibition will dialogue with exhibitors who want to take part in this initiative, with the aim of cooperating by recycling their waste materials, in order to obtain new creative, artistic and functional solutions of social aid. The results will be the protagonists of the event Ecosocially by Luca Gnizio that HOMI will stage in the January 2021 edition.

Retorta - The new collections of furniture cushions very versatile in shape and fabrics. The Jaquard collection, for example, was designed both for the interior and for the outdoors. Collections of rugs and poufs

Retorta Le nuove collezioni di cuscini d’arredo molto versatili per forma e tessuti. La collezione Jaquard, per esempio, è stata ideata sia per l’interior sia per l’outdoor. Collezioni di tappeti e pouf “, sono assolutamente green per eccellenza e contemporaneamente molto resistente


Workshops, talks and meetings will complete the panel of the event, offering a cross-section of market trends, ideas and suggestions. In the foreground is the international outlook on new trends in interior design ensured by a series of conferences dedicated to the themes of interior design in the residential and hospitality sectors.

And then a series of meetings organised by the Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti PPC of the Province of Milan that explore visions and scenarios of the most contemporary projects in the hotel and interior design sectors and in-depth studies dedicated to Retail. These meetings will be held in collaboration with Casastile and coordinated by Francesca Zorzetto, Professor of the Executive Master and Training Course of Retail Institute Italia.

The sharing of the exhibition project with the most important trade associations – such as Art, Anima and Confartigianato – once again guarantees contents and ideas in line with the needs of companies and operators. This fact transforms HOMI into an open, multiple, stimulating community in line with the changing market. The Lifestyles Exhibition will not only be a business tool, but an unmissable opportunity for professional growth.

Unique Collection of Vista Alegre. An innovative play of colors, shapes and textures for a set of objects in which the form is expressed freely and without constraints thanks to the use of different artistic techniques that follow the nature of colored glass. A contemporary aesthetic made unique by famous master glassmakers for a collection protagonist of numerous awards.

Collezione Unica di Vista Alegre. Un innovativo gioco di colori, formi e trame per un set di oggetti in cui la forma si esprime liberamente e senza vincoli grazie all’uso di differenti tecniche artistiche che assecondano la natura del vetro colorato. Un’estetica contemporanea resa unica da celebri maestri vetrai per una collezione protagonista di numerosi riconoscimenti.

Another HOMI 2020 actor interviewed is: Il Paralume, historic Florentine company that since 1952 manufactures and finishes lampshades and accessories for home decoration.

All this and much more to discover at HOMI – the Lifestyles Exhibition from 24 to 27 January 2020,
with pre-opening (22-26 January) only for operators related to the world of Festivity.
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