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HOMI Milano all ready for the January 2019 edition

In Milan, from 25 to 28 January 2019, HOMI – The Lifestyles Expo is back on the scene!

HOMI, for those who do not yet know it, is the great project of Fiera Milano that brings with it the experience of many years of exhibition events and stages lifestyles, focusing on the person, its needs and its way of life; a refined and never banal exhibition, thanks to the many studies that Fiera Milano makes to search for the most followed trends and products on the market.

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In the last 5 years HOMI has always been able to improve itself, demonstrated its ability to always propose new styles and carefully selecting the offer every year, becoming a real research and experimentation observatory. This is the place par excellence, in Italy, where buyers and retailers can choose the products to offer in their stores, supported by an offer that reflects the trends and the market demand and a location, Milan, convenient for its connections with the whole world and already an important crossroads for fashion, furniture and international business.

A real growth, that we of Madeinitalyfor.me witnessed and that has convinced us to take full advantage of this occasion, exposing in one of our stands of the Art-Decor section a selection of the most interesting items for B2B, chosen among the productions of our best Italian artisans and designers.


HOMI: discover the trends and lifestyles in 10 Satellites

HOMI – Fiera Milano’s Lifestyles Exhibition has a tried and tested format that includes a route consisting of 10 satellites, where exhibitors and buyers can meet together to define the store of tomorrow. Each satellite in fact offers services dedicated to the visitor as well as the exhibitor, to create moments of confrontation, business, networking and conviviality. An important aspect that can make the difference both for those who must buy and need a comparison and for those who invest in the fair, in order to grow professionally and promote their business

10 satellites for 10 ways of contemporary living

1. Living Habits

Sector dedicated to table, kitchen, furniture and accessories, lighting

2. Wellness & Beauty

Satellite dedicated to bathroom, wellness, relax and sport

WELLNESS & BEAUTY is substance feeling, the comfort I’m wearing. Everything that makes you feel good, ME in my house, through MINE habits.

The Wellness & Beauty satellite is entirely dedicated to living well and taking care of oneself. The bathroom becomes the place to enjoy the tranquility of domestic life and indulge in some pampering. The satellite also offers sports accessories for those who love fitness.


SECTORS: Bathroom, Wellness, Relax

YOU WILL FIND ALSO: bathroom furniture and accessories, containers (bathroom), bathroom textiles, small bathroom appliances, sports accessories, relaxation and personal care items, sports equipment, beauty & SPA products .

3. Fragrances & Personal Care

Satellite dedicated to fragrance for home and body

Un laboratorio olfattivo per presentare e far conoscere al pubblico di HOMI il mondo della profumazione per l’ambiente e la persona. Un percorso tematico nel mondo della cultura olfattiva per scoprire professionisti, aziende del settore e le potenzialità inesplorate di questa sfera sensoriale. Un’esplorazione che comincia da profumi e fragranze, per continuare con diffusori e candele, finendo tra incensi e pot-pourri attraverso  soluzioni di marketing efficaci, packaging personalizzato e il visual merchandising.

An olfactory laboratory to present and introduce the world of fragrances for home and body to the public of HOMI. A thematic route in the world of olfactory culture to discover professionals, companies in the sector and the unexplored potential of this sensory sphere. An exploration that starts with fragrances and perfumes, to continue with diffusers and candles, ending with incense and potpourri through effective marketing solutions, personalized packaging and visual merchandising.


SECTOR: Fragrances

4. Fashion& Jeweles


Satellite dedicated to accessories, jewelry and clothing

A satellite with a strong fashion focus that brings together two distinct “souls”, that work in synergy at the same time: the worlds of accessories and jewellery.

These two universes are engaged in a continuous dialogue and exchange of strong and specific design inspirations. This dialogue continues on “incubator” areas where small independent companies present themselves to the world of accessories and costume Jewelry with well-defined identities. The costume Jewelry universe at HOMI is dominated by Italian and International key players as well as by niche companies that, edition after edition,  strengthen their positioning in the market thanks to their refined craftsmanship, design and innovation.

This satellite stands out for the research of new brands, the promotion of young talents and  its aim at giving a boost to the industry with exhibitions, targeted projects and roundtables meetings that go in-depth on the main themes in the industry.

The pavilion dedicated exclusively to accessories, bags, hats, shoes, scarves and clothing is going through a season of rebirth and strong growth, thanks to its versatile offering, which is the result of industrial manufacturing as well as craftsmanship.

The entire satellite meets to the show’s main objective of representing lifestyles, inspirations and quality, always promoting “Made in Italy” and high-quality products.


It is an area dedicated to search and selection, designed and curated by Maria Elena Capelli, jewellery blogger, coolhunter and manufacturing brand creative director. The proposals are varied and range from luxury jewellery to fashion jewellery, with one unique narrative and emotional aspect in common. In this area, the producers carry out research activities into highly marketable products, succeeding to find the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.


Area dedicated to independently made pieces and one-of-a-kind creations in jewellery, from fashion to fine jewels. These items are made using refined and innovative materials in terms of aesthetics and design.


A series of meetings and events dedicated to the Fashion & Jewels world will enliven the Jewels Square in Hall 3 during all four days of the exhibition. Moreover, on the HOMI catwalk, the most representative collections of the Exhibitors will be parading, as already in some editions, in a mix and match of bijoux and fashion accessories in six enthralling fashion shows offering an overview of the latest market trends.


The next edition of January 2019 HOMI will present a focus on the beachwear sector, giving visibility to companies that will bring collections dedicated to this world. Where is it? In Hall 1


The next edition of January 2019 HOMI will present a focus on the male universe giving visibility to companies that will bring collections dedicated to it. Where is it? In Hall 3

5. Gift & Events

Satellite dedicated to gifts, events, merchandising and licensing

HOMI has also taken over Festivity, – the exhibition for Christmas decorations – which is in the GIFTS & EVENTS satellite. The Festivity section will be complemented by the HOBBY & WORK satellite dedicated to stationery, writing instruments and ideas for the office.
GIFTS & EVENTS satellite is a rediscovered synergy with more traditional products, offering visitors a wide range of products dedicated to every holiday. The Festivity section will be complemented by the HOBBY & WORK satellite dedicated to stationery, writing instruments and ideas for the office.


SECTORS: Gift, Festivity, Bonbonnières

YOU WILL FIND ALSO: promotional items, museum merchandising, ceremonies and anniversaries, items and accessories for smokers, gifts items, licensing giftware, Christmas and other holiday decoration.

6. Garden & Outdoor

Satellite dedicated to systems, furnishings and accessories for the outdoor setting, gardening

The satellite combines NATURE and PERSON, both aspects of a “UNICUM” alive, communicative and communicating.

The GARDEN & OUTDOOR satellite offers a complete range of furnishing systems, outdoor accessories and décor. It also offers solutions and scenarios to enjoy the outdoor areas, where people increasingly creating small vegetable gardens and micro-crops, thanks to a natural and ever-growing desire to live outdoors, in contact with Nature.


SECTORS: Outdoor, Gardening

YOU WILL ALSO FIND: furniture / furnishing accessories for outdoors, products for outdoor décor, BBQ products, picnic accessories, outdoor lighting, sun-shade and sun-protection systems, glasshouse and garden products, tools and accessories for gardens and terraces.

7. Kids Style

Satellite dedicated to furnishings and complements, fashion and accessories under 14

This satellite is very personal, new content shows a new vision of an expanded business. The unconventional point of view is the starting point: it is based on the ORIENTATION with the eyes and habits of the children: house and person become one, space and time deconstruct. Identify methods of approach and presentation language for new businesses.

The KID STYLE satellite is entirely devoted to kids and their requirements as small home occupiers: from textiles to décor for kids’ bedrooms, baby-care products, playthings and soft toys galore, as well as articles for expectant mums.



YOU WILL ALSO FIND: furniture and accessories, travel accessories, safety devices, articles for expectant mums, infant-care products, textiles for kids, décor, lighting, toys for various age-ranges, products for school-age kids.

8. Home Texitiles

Satellite dedicated to textiles and homeware

The satellite dedicated to textiles, linen and all the home crafts and design news in order to enhance your home.

The TEXTILE satellite increase the range of the important sector of home décor.


SECTORS: textiles, homeware

YOU WILL ALSO FIND: bed linen, table linen, pillows, trimmings, carpets and rugs, curtains, containers and baskets for linen.

9. Hobby & Work

Satellite dedicated to hobbies, travel, music, work

A space which has as key elements the voyage, the creative imagination, tools to write and objects  to read, dedicated to the contemporary traveler.Satellite dedicated to stationery, writing accessories and items for the office.


SECTORS: Travel items, Work & Hobby, Music – Video

10. Concept Lab


Satellite dedicated to concept design companies, editors and contract

An innovative satellite through sensory experience made up of a multiple products and related synergies leads the person to new concept of store.

concetto di store.


SECTORS: Concept Design, Contract, Editors

Here’s why HOMI has to be taken seriously.

As it is easy to understand, HOMI Milano is not a simple exhibition but a much more complete and efficient project that places important and functional objectives, in order to work alongside its exhibitors, putting them in the best conditions to promote and interact with potential buyers and resellers present. At the same time it creates the conditions to attract the attention of important international operators and buyers, increasingly aware of finding in HOMI a careful selector and a good ally for their business.

Thanks to the collaboration with DOXA, the Italian Institute of research and statistical surveys, every year HOMI presents a survey on the ways of living the home and the consumption habits, essential to orientate on the choice of products to select and propose. To this, we add the contribution of WGSN, an international leader in market analysis and trend studies in the fields of design and fashion. Concrete actions that offer operators and buyers the opportunity to take advantage of very important tools to be able to understand, in a conscious way, the trends of the near future and feel more relaxed in the purchase.

In addition, HOMI welcomes an increasingly profiled and international audience, thanks also to the collaboration with ITA-ICE, Italian Trade Agency. These are selected buyers from countries such as France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Russia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam... Contacts HOMI makes available to brands, allowing the meeting of international demand and supply and offering incredible business opportunities.

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The goods’ typologies and categories, as easy to understand from the 10 exhibition satellites, are really numerous, but those that detain the greatest potential above all are the craft shops and small productions made in Italy, in a social context more and more directed to originality and exclusivity, characteristics that go well with the ability to create unique and original pieces. It is no coincidence that the exhibition layout of HOMI has always offered, with the presence of plenty of special areas and events, great space for quality craftsmanship, the creations of emerging designers and the evolution of fine objects and decoration of excellence.

How to prepare and which strategies you should adopt

An event like HOMI, aimed exclusively at an audience of sector operators and specialized international buyers, can be a great opportunity for companies and even more for small Italian creative companies; however, adequate preparation is necessary to face a B2B fair of this caliber, in order not to run the risk of returning home with bad results. Participating as an exhibitor means meeting shopkeepers looking for particular and sought after products for their own shop, as well as wholesalers and representatives of large chain stores and, if well prepared, can give an important possibility to the growth of their business. Closing a contract at HOMI, it may mean, for a small Italian company, change significantly its annual income but, obviously, it’s not all that easy.

24_Homi Creazioni_DSP_IMG_8606

To prepare to exhibit at HOMI means to be able to propose original, quality and above all appealing items for those who will have to sell them and earn money. The greatest difficulty is indeed that of being able to create and/or propose objects that can be sold to customers at an attractive price but at the same time may contain a good percentage for the retailer. Obviously, even quantities can make the difference, but the first point to be satisfied is certainly the convenience that seeks those who buy to resell. If there is no convenience, unfortunately, the Buyer will hardly be interested in the item even if this is of the highest quality. What we could observe, from direct participants, is that items with a discount on the public price ranging from 35% up to 50% are the most sought after, because it is possible to close excellent commercial agreements.

The appearance of the products and of those presenting it has big importance, as well as the promotion and communications to be made in the period prior to the fair, in order to alert business customers of the opportunity to meet and know the new collections or the new objects that you may offer. Who will buy from you, if you do not know, will be very attentive to how you will propose, operators are looking for certain negotiations, seriousness of delivery and all those aspects that can reassure them on the choice of your company as a supplier. Presenting oneself better and being able to explain the strengths of our products can certainly make the difference and attract more customers.

To facilitate the organization of appointments with buyers and retailers,HOMI MILANO uses an innovative system of meeting booking, called MY MATCHING. Thanks to this platform, available during the registration phase, buyers and exhibitors can search for interesting operators and producers, setting the meetings on a virtual agenda, already from the days before the event. A very interesting opportunity that allows you to optimize your work and meetings during the days of the fair. Furthermore, the organization of the event offers each exhibitor 150 free tickets to invite their business customers to the fair.

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To receive more information and have the opportunity to participate in the exclusive edition of January 2019, here is the dedicated web page for the exhibitors.

Fiera Milano S.p.A

HOMI website: www.homimilano.com
Phone: +39.02.4997.6144
Email: visitatori.homi@fieramilano.it

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