HOMI19, what, where, when, how, and why?

Next January HOMI, the Milan Lifestyle Exhibition of Lifestyles, will be back. The opening of the eleventh edition will be in the name of house as never before! House is increasingly a central place in the life of everyone for the daily activities: from relaxation to study, to work and family. The ultimate goal of a house is to tell the personal story of those who live there by showing off the style they love, the objects they have collected over the years, the spaces and tools necessary for their favorite activities.

HOMI January 2019, scheduled from 25 to 28 January, as always at Fiera Milano (Rho), is a unique opportunity to discover and rediscover the thousand worlds of living. HOMI is not just a showcase of products but also a container and a forge of different ideas, projects, styles and cultures that meet and influence each other, creating a unique place where you can identify the trends that will characterize the next season.

The objects around us are nothing but “words” made real, phrases of a constantly changing story that winds between rooms and contexts of use. To tell all this, HOMI will offer, as for each edition, a broad and cross-sectional product offer thanks to the collaboration of established companies, young start-ups and designers who will occupy the spaces dedicated to experimentation (HOMI Sperimenta) and research (HOMI Creazioni).

The Satellites of HOMI19


After the last introductory article, today we will dedicate this space to talk about the different Satellites that make up this great fair, and later to explain how to participate both as exhibitors and visitors.

HOMI is a dynamic path that winds through 10 Satellites that define tomorrow’s stores, supporting business opportunities between exhibitors and buyers. In the following paragraphs we will pay particular attention to tell you about the HOMI experience as sector operators (retailers, wholesalers, buyers, large scale operators, import/export, etc).

Every year more and more people, coming from all over the world, choose HOMI as a place to discover and keep up-to-date on the trends that affect not only the house (and its decorum) but also the person, outdoor life, fashion, bijoux and so much more.

HOMI is in fact a unique all-round showcase that deepens every lifestyle. Precisely for this reason it needs so many thematic Satellites which eventually occupy a large part of Fiera Milano (Rho), resulting in one of the biggest fairs of this important fairgrounds!

Living Habits, the satellite dedicated to table, kitchen, furniture accessories and lighting.

This Satellite is one of the largest of the entire fair because it has a whole and colorful universe in it. Entering this satellite you will have a slice of life and a new vision of the home environment and the opportunities that this can offer. Furnishing components, accessories and decorations for the home, lighting, ideas for table art and cooking, silverware, etc …

Here you will also find Made in Italy for Me, with our stand located in Hall 2 (the first coming from the Rho Fiera Milano station), ready to show you our handmade excellences.

Wellness & Beauty, the satellite dedicated to the bathroom, wellness and relaxation.

This Satellite was created to represent living life in the best way, taking care of yourself. Here the beauty and SPA products dominate, in addition to the objects and accessories necessary to relax and take those 10 minutes of break more and more necessary in the hectic life of every day. If this is your field here you will find unique ideas to personalize your store.

Fragrances & Personal Care, the satellite dedicated to the fragrance for the environment and the person.

This Satellite is a journey around the world encased in a thousand olfactory sensations, ranging from ambient fragrances to person ones. Its fragrances, coming from every part of the globe, make this Satellite a real olfactory laboratory that will allow you to experiment a varied selection, all packaged to perfection, to win on all five senses and not only on ‘smell.

Fashion & Jewels, the satellite dedicated to accessories, fashion, bijoux, jewelry, packaging.

This Satellite is internationally recognized as an unmissable opportunity to intercept new and unprecedented trends and creativity from all over the world. Its exhibition spans from Made in Italy historical realities to big international brands, without forgetting the young creative designers who find their spaces inside the HOMI Sperimenta areas, which in this case are two: one dedicated to the fashion world and the other dedicated to bijoux.

Do not worry, one of the next scheduled articles will focus on this Satellite that every year is reconfirmed as one of the most dynamic and must visit.

Gift & Events, the satellite dedicated to gifts, events, weddings and favors, merchandising and licenses.

In this Satellite you will find a thousand ideas to make the gifts and the packaging in your store unforgettable, regardless of the occasion. Moreover, like every January edition, this HOMI will also contain a special sector dedicated to Christmas decorations: “Festivity”.

Festivity will occupy the entire pavilion 14 of Fiera Milano and, exceptionally, will open its doors a few days before the rest of HOMI: January 23 instead of 25 and will end one day earlier.

Garden & Outdoor, the satellite dedicated to systems, furniture and accessories for outdoor, gardening.

This Satellite succeeds in the incredible feat of bringing all the facets of outdoor life in an indoor context. Here you will find a complete proposal of furnishing systems, accessories and outdoor decorations with countless scenarios recreated in the exhibition, to cover all the various activities of open air life.

Kids Style, the satellite dedicated to furniture, accessories and fashion for children.

This satellite is obviously dedicated to children and their vibrant imagination. Here you will find multifunctional products, designed to entertain and teach at the same time. The world of children is not only made up of toys, but also of studied fabrics and materials, without forgetting all the needs of parents who find feedback and help in this Satellite.

Home Textiles, the satellite dedicated to the textile and homeware world.

In this Satellite you will find silk, cotton, linen and innovative fabrics. In addition to this you can observe the infinite possibilities and combinations to create harmonious and trendy environments, personalizing at best the environments in which you live or work. You will also find highly qualified operators ready to explain all the secrets, and create for you a furniture that matches with the selling point you want.

Hobby & Work, the satellite dedicated to travel, hobbies, music and work.

This Satellite contains everything you need to work better at home or at the workplace, or whatever you need to enjoy your holidays. Here you will find a selection of objects to write, read, paint, create, listen to music, travel in comfort and much more.

Concept Lab, the satellite dedicated to concept design companies, editors, contract.

In this particular Satellite you will run into crazy and futuristic ideas that will define the store of tomorrow. It is a creative workshop that pushes tradition towards unexplored spaces, a perfect place for designers and companies who want to renew their proposal.

But HOMI goes even further, offering spaces and platforms designed to contain and generate creativity, information and trends. These special areas, just like the fair itself, offer a transversal slice of life that embraces everything between people and home, design and industry.

The HOMI Hybrid Lounge returns, reconfirming the partnership between HOMI and POLI.design (part of the Sistema Design of the Milan Polytechnic). This area is the result of a long research focused on innovative materials for interior design, a place where you can see and touch a selection of samples of avant-garde materials and finishes.

In this edition you will also find HOMI Trends area, created with the help of WGSN, devoted to research and definition of future trends. This year HOMI Trends will have an extra kick because it will be in synergy with the HOMI Hybrid Lounge: both will give particular emphasis to the investigation of materials, the founding base of any creative choice, and the technological evolution leap that have undergone in recent years.

In Fashion & Jewels’ Satellite Tuttipazzeperibijoux will offer you a selection of niche jewels that are distinguished by their originality. This area represents, already for a while, a reference point for concept stores and jewelers in search of unique handmade jewels, to enrich their warehouse.

Once again, the collections of some bijoux and fashion exhibitors will be back on the HOMI catwalk, this year placed in the center in pavilion 3 (Satellite Fashion & Jewels) and let’s not forget the entire talk and workshop schedule that characterizes the HOMI offer. Appointments designed specifically to suggest and create new ideas on the most significant topics of the various sectors.

How to participate

At HOMI, supply and demand meet, giving rise to unique business opportunities. Having a stand at HOMI means being known internationally!

How can I participate as exhibitor?

You need to send an admission request through the official website MyHOMI; there you will find all the information necessary to participate and understand what type of stand and Satellite is suitable for you. HOMI also offers concessions and all-inclusive solutions to help you have your ideal stand.

The registration also allows you to be in the official online catalog (also available on the dedicated app) and will give you access to the revolutionary MY MATCHING platform, the service that allows exhibitors and buyers to set up meetings already before the start of HOMI.

You can find more details, from forms to stand prices, on the exhibitor’s website.

How can I participate as buyer?

Every year HOMI is visited by shopkeepers, retailers, wholesalers, architects, designers, companies, import/export agents, sellers, representatives of large distributions, etc. Operators from every corner of the Earth, interested in discovering new trends, viewing new products, all of them flow into HOMI just to evaluate the purchase of new products and/or supplies for their commercial activity.

You will find detailed info on HOMI’s official website, particularly in Useful Info and tickets where you can buy tickets from today, taking advantage of a pre-registration discount and convenient online ticket that will allow you to skip the line at the entrance.

How can I participate as visitor?

Only professional operators can attend HOMI, so if you do not fall into the categories previously mentioned, we are sorry, but you can not participate in this great fair.


Above all, we remind the exhibitors that HOMI is assiduously frequented by buyers from all over the world.

The HOMI Team carefully selects operators from the main foreign markets, extremely qualified and prominent people in their field. HOMI certifies all its buyers in order to protect exhibitors and promote the creation of legitimate, long-lasting and beneficial links for both parties involved.

MY MATCHING plays an important role in all this; it is an instrument aimed at facilitating and optimizing the time that you will spend at HOMI, allowing both buyers and exhibitors to plan targeted meetings in advance and not have empty spaces on the agenda.

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