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From 26th to 29th January 2018 Milan will host HOMI – The Lifestyles Exhibition.

HOMI is the new great project of Fiera Milano that brings in the great experience of many years of fair. This is the time of lifestyles, highlighting the person, its needs and its way of life .

Over the years, four with this one, HOMI has been able to improve and grow, demonstrating its ability to always propose new trends, selecting each year with more care the exhibitions and becoming a real research observatory and experimentation at the same time. A growth of which we of Madeinitalyfor.me have been witnesses on our numerous visits and which sets all the conditions for announcing a next big HOMI in the January 2018 edition.

Let’s find out, then, the world of HOMI and what will be the news for visitors and exhibitors for the 2018 edition.


HOMI: trends to discover and styles to live

HOMI – Salone degli Stili di Vita di Fiera Milano is a tried and tested format that includes ten satellites, where exhibitors and buyers can meet together to define tomorrow’s stores.

Each satellite, in fact, offers services for the visitor as well as the exhibitor, to create moments of confrontation, business, networking and conviviality. An important aspect that can make the difference both for those who must buy and need a comparison and for those who invest in the fair in order to grow professionally and promote their business.

The 10 satellites represent 10 visions of living and contemporary man, and are divided as follows:

1. Living Habits is the satellite dedicated to table, kitchen, lighting, furniture and accessories. It is the one that best represents the excellence of Made in Italy lifestyle, of Italian craftsmanship and design: furniture, decorative objects, interior lighting, works of art, raw materials, artistic crafts, kitchen items, small kitchen appliances, cooking tools, home care items, tableware, ceramics and porcelains, glassware.

2Wellness & Beautyit is entirely dedicated to well living and taking care of yourself. The bathroom becomes the place to enjoy the tranquility of domestic life and indulge in some pampering. The satellite also offers sports accessories for those who love fitness;

3. Fragrances & Personal Care, an olfactory laboratory to present the world of environment fragrances for the environment and the person to the public of HOMI. A thematic route in the world of olfactory culture to discover experts, companies and the unexplored potential of this sensory sphere. An exploration that begins with fragrances and perfumes, to continue with diffusers and candles, ending between incense and potpourri through effective marketing solutions, personalized packaging and visual merchandising;

4. Fashion& Jewels, where creativity, artisan know-how and the unmistakable Made in Italy style have their maximum expression for the creation of accessories, jewels and clothing. A satellite dedicated to all that you can carry with you, in every moment of the day and with a strong fashion connotation in which two different souls converge, but at the same time synergistic: the accessory world and the jewel world.

HOMI’s bijoux universe is dominated both by the big players of Italian and international bijoux, and by niche contexts which, edition after edition, reinforce their positioning for the sought-after quality craftsmanship, design and innovation. A satellite that stands out for the search for new brands, for the promotion of young talents and the desire to give more and more impulse and stimulus to the sector, with exhibitions, targeted projects and round tables with a focus on the main issues in the sector.

Fashion& Jeweles_homi milano_madeinitalyfor.me

5. Gift & Events, dedicated to gifts, events, weddings and favors, merchandising and licenses; HOMI also collects the heritage of Festivity – the Hall of Christmas and holidays decorations – which has been included in the GIFT & EVENTS satellite and will be on show already from January 23rd to 28th, a day before of HOMI. This section completes the offer of HOBBY & WORK, the satellite dedicated to stationery and office objects.

6. Garden & Outdoor is the satellite of systems, furnishings, accessories for exteriors and gardening; it offers solutions and scenarios to experience the outdoor spaces of your home, where it is increasingly common to find small gardens and micro-cultivations, thanks to a growing desire for contact with nature and outdoor life.

7. Kids Style, entirely dedicated to children and their needs of little house inhabitants: from textiles to decorations for bedrooms, from products for the care of newborns to the inevitable toys and plush, without forgetting the maternity articles.

8. Home Texitiles dedicated to the textile and homeware world: bed linen, table linen, pillows, trimmings, carpets, curtains, containers and baskets for linen, expanding the offer of the important sector of home decoration.

9Hobby & Work a space focused on the journey, the imagination, the tools to write and the objects to read, dedicated to the traveler of today and tomorrow.

10Concept Lab dedicated to design companies, editors and contract. A surprising satellite that, through a sensorial experience consisting of a multiplicity of products and synergies, leads to the new store concept

In order to facilitate appointments organization, moreover, HOMI MILANO uses an innovative system to be able to book meetings, called MY MATCHING. Thanks to this platform, buyers and exhibitors will be able to research the operators and producers of interest by scheduling meetings in advance.

 News of HOMI January 2018 edition

In the next January edition the worlds of home and fashion accessories will be the protagonists, with national and international companies, but above all with small companies that are the real strength of the sector. In fact, it is the craft shops that have great potential in an increasingly multi-faceted social context and the ability to create unique and original pieces. The exhibition layout of HOMI confirms this attention, with the presence of numerous special areas and events that show quality craftsmanship, the creations of emerging designers, the evolution of objects and decoration of excellence.

homi milano_gioielli e accessori moda

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with DOXA, the Italian Institute of statistical research and survey, a survey will be presented on the ways of living the house and on consumption habits. To this, it will be added the contribution of WGSN, an international leader in market analysis and studies of trends in the design and fashion sectors. The operators will thus have the opportunity to use very important tools to understand, in a conscious way, the trends of the near future. It is so clear that HOMI is not only an exhibition event but a much more complete and efficient project that presents important and functional objectives.

HOMI events

The strength of HOMI, edition after edition, is precisely that of creating opportunities. In addition to growing your business, connecting Italian and international exhibitors and buyers and providing tools for photographing trends through the organization of workshops and talks. An extensive talks and worskhop calendar that will be dedicated to new fashion trends or focused on the tools and techniques to enhance product innovations and commercial techniques. The meetings will see the opinion of distinguished guests, the testimony of successful companies and the reflection of experts and “gurus” able to give important suggestions to make the fascinating world of fashion ever more profitable and full of opportunities.

Piazza Milano_sett.'17_a1

For example we can point out the interesting ideas that emerged from the workshops of HOMI 2017 edition, on how to retain customers, or the I Maestri del gioiello initiative, which featured small artisan goldsmiths and jewelry producers.

In the next edition there will surely be exciting events for the operators (we will talk about them in the next articles). Exhibitions and experiential areas are the way HOMI chooses to project the visitor into the experience of products and creations and in these editions here are some of the formats:

  • HOMI SMART: technologies move style
  • LA MAGNIFICA FORMA: exploring traditions of the italian land
  • DA UNO A CENTO: most original self productions
  •  NATURALIA: bijoux style that captured the nature
  • HOMI ASIA DESIGN and DDD: international design proposals
  • HOMIFOOD: food farming and design
  • POPUP STORE: a new window dedicated to KIDS world
  • FESTIVITY : HOMI’s Christmas decorations
  • HYBRID LOUNGE: matter becomes creative idea
  • HOMISTAGING: an event for professionals that give value to our houses

We at Madeinitalyfor.me could not exempt ourselves from participating and we will be present during the January 2018 edition, with our info/exhibition stand and with our talk in the events area, on the potential of the web for artisans. The experience gained over the years has taught us how important direct contacts are and our presence will be useful to meet customers and sellers in person. In the talk instead we will have the opportunity to tell our work, explaining what are the potentials of the web today and what are the most useful tools to start selling and building their success and success.

Un altro bellissimo aspetto che vi anticipiamo è la conferma del format di successo HOMI IN CITTA’, l’obiettivo è quello di far conoscere le storie e i protagonisti di HOMI anche al grande pubblico con iniziative nella metropoli milanese come:  la mostra  “Convivendo, l’Arte della Tavola tra passato e futuro” dedicata ai più interessanti oggetti della tavola – come punto focale degli stili nella storia e “Conviviando” , dal 25 gennaio al 15 febbraio, in una location milanese, sarà interpretazione dell’Arte del Ricevere nei vari secoli

Another beautiful aspect that we anticipate is the confirmation of the successful format HOMI in the city. The goal is to make the stories and the protagonists of HOMI also known to the general public with initiatives in the Milan metropolis such as: the exhibition Living together, the Art of the Table between past and future, dedicated to the most interesting objects of the table – as a focal point of the styles in history – and Conviviando, from 25 January to 15 February, in a location in Milan, will be an interpretation of the Art of Receiving during several centuries.

Homi in città

How and why to participate at HOMI MILANO 2018

Partecipare all’edizione di Gennaio significa, per gli operatori professionali e gli esperti del design e dell’arredamento, dare un’importante possibilità alla crescita del proprio business. HOMI accoglie, infatti, una platea sempre più profilata ed internazionale grazie alla collaborazione con ITA-ICE, Italian Trade Agency e alle sua location, raggiungibile facilmente da tutto il mondo. Si tratta di buyer selezionati provenienti da paesi come Cina, Grecia, Belgio, Francia, Iran, Nord Africa, Russia, Spagna, Singapore e nazioni più nuove ed emergenti come Argentina, Giappone, Canada, Colombia, Vietnam. Contatti che HOMI mette a disposizione dei brand rendendo possibile l’incontro tra domanda e offerta a livello internazionale ed offrendo così delle opportunità di business incredibili.

Participating in the January edition means, for professional operators and design and furniture experts, to give an important opportunity to the growth of their business. In fact, HOMI welcomes an ever more profiled and international audience, thanks to the collaboration with ITA-ICE (Italian Trade Agency) and to its location, easily reachable from all over the world. These are selected buyers from countries such as China, Greece, Belgium, France, Iran, North Africa, Russia, Spain, Singapore and more new and emerging nations such as Argentina, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Vietnam. Contacts that HOMI makes available to brands, allowing to meet international demand and supply and offering incredible business opportunities.

To examine in depth and have the opportunity to participate in the exciting edition of January 2018 you can directly contact Fiera Milano from the website dedicated to HOMI exhibitors.


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