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HOMI 2018: satellites, special areas and opportunities

Welcome to our second appointment with HOMI – The Lifestyles Trade Fair that will return to Milan from 14 to 17 September 2018.

After the previous article, today we are dealing with details of the different satellites, focusing on the experience that sector operators (like retailers, wholesalers, buyers, retailers, import / export, etc…) can experience. People who come from every part of the world and every year choose HOMI as a privileged observatory on the trends that affect home and its decor and also the person.

HOMI is a unique showcase about the different styles of Italian homes, for this reason at least 10 thematic satellites are needed to describe each variant and every aspect of Made in Italy style and occupies most of the Fiera Milano (Rho) to be able to propose and tell the best every nuance that represents them.

Historical realities of the sector where established and emerging designers, great brands of bijoux and accessories and international brands will be the protagonists. The MICAM Milano events, the International Footwear Show, and Mipel, the Fair dedicated to Leather Goods, accompanied by a series of initiatives designed by HOMI to make the visit to the fair a complete experience.

In the last edition the exhibitors were almost 3,000 and 27% of them were foreigners, as well as almost 20% of the 160,000 visitors. However, the most relevant fact is that the accredited buyers were more than exhibitors and the overwhelming majority of buyers were foreigners. This serves to underline how HOMI is important at global level.


Among the novelties of this edition there is an installation that will tell the results of an international research conducted by the Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), dedicated to the millenials and their real interest (emotional and purchasing) towards the jewel of today. A special multimedia space will give substance to this survey, realized by the students of the Milanese university, which will offer an important cross-section to intercept the new languages ​​of the consumers of the future.

In this context of analysis and research, the satellites of HOMI represent a great opportunity both for those exhibiting and for those who participate as an operator, as they offer a well-studied offer on new market trends. Let’s talk about a new idea of ​​the Fair that offers a showcase on the future of what will be the lifestyles of tomorrow, from interior decoration, to jewelry, fashion accessories, gifts, everything you need to take care of children and how much another rounds around the house and the person.

In addition to the public visibility offered to exhibitors thanks to their stand, each satellite has solutions designed specifically to encourage communication and free exchange of ideas: workshops, talks, events and meetings scheduled thanks to the revolutionary My Matching .

Which satellites are right for you?

The first one is called “Living Habits” and embodies the entire universe of the house made by the excellences of Made in Italy. Entering this satellite you will have a glimpse of a new vision of the home environment and the opportunities it can offer.

Here you will find furnishing components, accessories, solutions to illuminate the home environment, new ideas for table art and cooking, silverware and even wedding objects.

The second one is called “Wellness & Beauty” is used to represent how to live at best the “everyday life”, how to take care of the house as well as the person. Beauty and SPA products dominate here, as well as objects and bathroom accessories.

If your field of work is personal care products this satellite will offer you original and unique ideas to personalize your store following the latest trends.

The third satellite is called “Fragrance & Personal Care” and will invest you with a thousand olfactory sensations, perfumes from all over the world in just one place. This satellite is a laboratory that will allow you to experiment and observe a selection that ranges from fragrance for environment to fragrance for persons.

Each stand presents cutting-edge and effective marketing solutions to create the right atmosphere and convey the identity of your company by exploiting all five senses.

The fourth satellite, “Fashion & Jewels“, represents an extreme search for beauty, aesthetics, followed by an excellent realization. Here bijoux, accessories, bags and shoes will contend your attention to tell you the stories of their creators.

Each piece communicates the personality and the research of those who have conceived them and made them real, growing through the comparison with the other exhibitors. Most of all this satellite exists to be an incubator of Made in Italy quality products and offers an incredibly transversal offer based on both the artisanal and industrial processing.

The fifth satellite is very particular. In “Gift & Events” you will find a thousand ideas and projects to make unforgettable gifts. Regardless of what occasion it is, from Christmas to a simple anniversary, here you can find great proposals.

Here you will find ideas to enhance events and gifts related to them: small furniture, gadgets, decorations and accessories for the various ceremonies, national holidays or local and more traditional ones.

The sixth satellite will take you outside, remains within Fiera Milano. “Garden & Outdoor” succeeds in this seemingly impossible undertaking and offers you some ideas to do the same.

Here you will find a complete proposal of furnishing systems, accessories and outdoor decorations with countless examples and scenarios on display to cover all the opportunities for outdoor living.

Do you take care of gardens? Or furniture for outside? Or simply want to make your store greener? This is the satellite for you and its operators will be more than happy to explain and explain what they offer.

The seventh satellite is dedicated to children and mothers. In the “Kids Style“. Don’t mess with children and their vibrant imagination and creativity! In this satellite, the products are multifunctionality because they serve to entertain and teach at the same time.

The world of children is not only made up with toys, but also includes fabrics, furniture and so on without forgetting parents and their needs when they are struggling with their little men.

In this environment you will find all the innovations of the sector, the best services and products that Italy has to offer to ensure the well-being of children.

The eighth satellite is dedicated to every type of fabric. In “Home Textiles” you will classical, innovative and technological fabrics, soft and/or resistant. This satellite serves to show you the infinite possible combinations of every types of fabrics in every type of environments.

All home fabrics are presented in a new use and aim to best customize the location. Here you will find highly qualified professionals ready to explain all the secrets and create for you a furniture in line with your point of sale.

The ninth satellite is “Hobby & Work“, and contains among its stands everything that can use in your professional field or for enjoy at best your free time. Here you will find a selection of objects to write, paint and travel. It is a dynamic satellite that runs between home, work, hobbies and dream destination.

Everything you need to do your best at home or at work, even when you are traveling.

In the “Concept Lab” satellite you will find crazy and original ideas, practical and futuristic. A thousand and more ideas for the store of tomorrow. It’s a creative and dynamic workshop that pushes tradition towards new unexplored borders.

It’s an excellent place for designers, editors, contractors and companies who want renew and propose a showcase somethings that follows the tren of the moment without renouncing the its origins.

The Special Areas

In addition to the satellites HOMI also provides special areas dedicated to particular functions. Areas created specifically to support commercial and/or learning operations and/or relaxing moments for rest a moment before starting the exploration of a new satellite or the beginning of a new commercial negotiation.

Welcome Areas are present at the entrance to each pavilion. Besides welcoming they also provide a general idea of what operators can expect from that particular pavilion. Those who stop there will be able to view a digital tour with maps and what can be used for an easy and correct visit inside the pavilion.

HOMI Sperimenta is an innovative area with a specific focus on innovation and experimentation. This area expands every edition and becomes increasingly important and interesting for visitors. It’s a space dedicated to young people with ideas, projects and products that have to be exhibited in order to understand in which direction it is better to continue.

This showcase has made experimentation its leitmotif, here you will find innovative ideas and unique pieces made from the brilliant minds of young craftsmen.

HOMI Ritual could be defined as the “food court” but it’s much more: is a summary of the synergy of the various Italian lifestyles and is an area that best shows the hospitality Made in Italy thanks to its innovative design and the exquisite cuisine prepared by world-renowned star chefs.

The Business Lounge it’s designed for operators. It’s the key place to discuss important commercial agreements in a relaxing environment designed to combine two realities in the best possible way. It’s also possible book a private room in order to have all the necessary privacy to facilitate negotiations.

The HOMI Trend Cafè , as you can guess it’s an area where you can learn about the latest trends and drink a coffee. Here you can see and touch innovative materials, colors, products and anything else, all arranged in a striking arrangement.

This list is not complete, because each edition of HOMI brings unique and unrepeatable novelty. In the coming months the uniqueness of the September edition will be announced and we will inform you of all the news in our next articles.

How take part in HOMI?

Visitors should turn at the online ticket office , where you can already pre-register and receive a discount on the ticket price and/or directly make the ticket online.

Only professional operators can partecipate: shopkeepers and retailers, architects, designers, import/export companies, representatives of large distributions, etc …

In addition to these two categories of people HOMI is also frequented by a third category which, as mentioned earlier, tends to be more numerous than the exhibitors themselves… we are obviously talking about the buyers .


HOMI selects professional operators from the main foreign markets. These are extremely qualified buyers and prominent operators on the international scene and are selected through targeted researching.

HOMI certifies all its buyers s , in order to protect exhibitors and favor the creation of a lasting bonds that beneficial both. A particularly important and effective tool to meet buyers and exhibitors, in addition to the fact that they are both present at the same fair, is the revolutionary My Matching app.

It’s an innovative tool that facilitate and optimize the time spent at the fair. Through My Matching buyers and exhibitors get in touch quickly and easily, this allows them to plan in advance targeted meetings in the most appropriate times for all the people involved.

Homi settembre 2018

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