HOMI – Fashion & Jewels, an unmissable appointment for Italian artisans, designers and small Italian companies

One step away from the January edition, HOMI – The Lifestyle Exhibition has already registered record numbers for exhibitor participation and pre-registrations.

Designers, artisans, artists, small businesses and operators will meet to see and discuss future trends. One of HOMI‘s key advantages is indeed the opportunity to meet buyers and retailers (national and international) through the exhibition stands and pre-programmed meetings managed with the MY Matching tool, made available by Fiera Milano.

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After telling the event, its organisation and the Living Habits satellite, we conclude this series of articles dedicated to HOMI talking about another of the most important and influential satellites of this great event: the Fashion & Jewels Satellite.

Obviously we at Madeinitalyfor.me could not miss and we will be there with our Stand (H29) in Hall 2 dedicated to creativity. An experience that we will not fail to tell through photos, videos and live streamings on our social channels.

Special areas, workshops and events of January 2019

HOMI is able to create incentives and insights on future trends, a big plus in the field of jewelry and fashion, thanks to targeted analysis and in-depth experience. For this reason, in halls 1 and 3 you will find several thematic areas created ad hoc: TUTTEPAZZEPERILBIJOUX, HOMI SPERIMENTA and SPERIMENTA PLUS, where a selection of artisans and designers tells and explains the results of their own creative process.

The whole HOMI is dotted with meeting places such as INTERNI CAFÉ (hall 7), an area set up by Lorenzo Marini, a relax area that offers a bio menu and rich vegetarian choices; or the HOMI HYBRID LOUNGE area designed by POLI-design and WGSN and located in Hall 2, an area created specifically to touch the new technological materials of 2019.

TUTTEPAZZEPERILBIJOUX is an area conceived and curated by Maria Elena Capelli (jewellery blogger and cool hunter), a regular appointment of HOMI since various editions. This area will offer you a selection of niche jewels that are distinguished by their originality; diversified ideas that move between luxury and fashion jewelry. Jewels that are the result of a personal research of individual designers and artisans, able to find the right balance between innovation and tradition. You will find TUTTEPAZZEPERILBIJOUX at stand A02 of Hall 3.

HOMI SPERIMENTA is the area dedicated to young start-ups and emerging designers, a source of new ideas for the most original future trends. HOMI SPERIMENTA presents itself in a double role for this Satellite: one dedicated to the world of fashion at 360° (from clothes to accessories) and one dedicated to the world of bijoux.

You will find SPERIMENTA JEWELS along the entire A lane of Hall 3. This area is the mecca of unpublished self-productions and jewels, unique pieces and expressions of small Italian craft excellences.

SPERIMENTA FASHION will instead occupy the entire A-lane of Hall 1. The leitmotiv of this edition is ecology, thanks to the help of Artisanal Intelligence carefully selected artisans and designers who use techniques to rethink materials and shapes.

Do not forget that at the center of Hall 3 you can see the collections of some bijoux and fashion exhibitors on the inevitable HOMI catwalk. The program includes four exciting fashion shows that will alternate on the catwalk between Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, from 12.00am to 3.30pm.

In addition to this, the fair is full of important events and the various Talkshow are absolutely inevitable moments of exchange, to which every professional in the sector should participate. Many of the topics in the program focus on the training and sustainability of the artisan activities of all sizes, the fulcrum of Made in Italy.

Precisely for this, Monday 28 hours 11.00, you can find us at stand K38 with our special talk on Italian crafts and its promotion through social networks, we will propose a review of ideas, tips and tools to optimize the best time and costs , on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

There will also be “test” moments, thanks to the various workshops designed specifically to maximize your social presence as well as workshops designed specifically to dissect the thorny situation of GDPR and online regulations. In particular the unmissable “Every Store Tells a Story” workshop designed to teach how to create your own brand identity through layouts and packages studied to the smallest detail.

Fashion & Jewels Satellite - full schedule

Friday 25

11AM and 4PM: workshop “Boost your influence on line. Effective social networks contents for jewelry and fashion”, curated by Antonio Kropp and Erika Zacchello.
12AM conference/talkshow, curated by Class TV MODA.
2PM talkshow “New generations in Italian fashion”. Conversation on training, sustainability and artisanal research, the leitmotif of Sperimenta Fashion. Curated by A.I., Artisanal Intelligence.
3PM workshop “Mobile marketing for small and medium-sized businesses”, with regard to Fashion and Jewels, curated by THEDIGITALBOX for The DecoSide.

Saturday 26

11AM talk show “Discovering Talents: the delocalization of fashion”. Speakers: Antonio Privitera and Carla Salerno, Lecturers of the FASHION Department of Harim Euromediterranean Academy.
12AM and 3.30AM “HOMI FASHION SHOW” with the participation of over 40 exhibiting companies of HOMI Fashion & Jewels.
2PM talk show “Design is a craftsman”. Speaker: Andrea Branciforti (ADI), by the Department of DESIGN – Harim Euromediterranean Academy.
4.30PM workshop “Mobile marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises”, with particular attention to the Fashion & Jewels sector organized by THEDIGITALBOX for The DecoSide.

Sunday 27

10:30AM workshop “Mobile marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises”, with particular attention to the Fashion & Jewels sector organized by THEDIGITALBOX for The DecoSide.
11AM workshop “GDPR: legislation and privacy”, curated by DATA PROTECTION SYSTEM for The DecoSide.
11.30AM workshop “The Mobile Video”, curated by KEYMOTIONS for The DecoSide.
12AM and 3.30PM “HOMI FASHION SHOW”with the participation of over 40 exhibiting companies of HOMI Fashion & Jewels.
2PM talk show “18 KT between charm and quality”. Speaker: Edmondo Fanciullo, Lecturer at the JEWEL department in Harim Accademia Euromediterranea.
4:30PM talkshow“New generations in Italian fashion”. Conversation on training, sustainability and artisanal research, the leitmotif of Sperimenta Fashion. Curated by A.I., Artisanal Intelligence.

Monday 28

11AM talk show “The Italian craftsman, excellence is told on social media. Self promotion online for the artisans, the use of social networks and the most useful tools”, curated by Armando Salerno Mele, CEO Made In Italy for me.

Interviews and advices of those who has been successfully participating in HOMI Milano for years

Four virtual meetings with as many exhibiting companies, to learn more about some of the participants and above all to listen to those who over time have managed to get organized for this particular event and can offer useful advices to those who are about to participate as an exhibitor for the first time.

– videos are made by our partner Massimo Loi of MondoSardegna.

Opella by Liliana Broussard and Cristina Barcellari

Liliana, an all round expert in processing paper, and Cristina, the master of fashion accessories in Murano glass and aluminum, joined forces and in 2011 revolutionized an old fruit and vegetable shop in the Dergano district of Milan, transforming it into a laboratory and showroom. Opella’s jewels are handcrafted with pure cotton paper, recycled cellulose, aluminum and Murano glass, thus being light and refined thanks to research and experimentation on new materials carried out over the years by the two designers.

Camomilla Milano by Grazia Belloni and Maurizio Belloni

Founded in the 80s by Grazia and Maurizio Belloni, partners on the job as in life, Camomilla Milano went against the trend of those years focusing on a rediscovery and enhancement of romantic fantasies and pastel colors. In 2007, Francesca and Nicolas, sons of the founders, joined the company, and a few years later they started making business also abroad (France and Spain in particular). Camomilla Milano is an Italian company, creative and visionary, producer of fashion accessories ranging from bags to wallets, bijoux and hair accessories.

Karakorum by Antonio D’Alessa

Founded in 2004, Karakorum has a somewhat unusual history: initially focused on household products, it gradually converts to fashion. Everything started from some simple accessories for women brought to the fair, not for sale but as decoration of the stand. However, seeing the great demand with time, the focus of Karakorum has shifted to the point where Karakorum is currently experimenting with innovative, ecological and biodegradable fibers, such as bamboo, banana and even milk, that will be exposed at HOMI.

Unger 1875 by Rossi family

Founded in 1875, this historic Milanese company has a rich and multifaceted past, counting more than one generation of the Rossi family. Enrico and Dora Rossi succeed in the direction of Clotilde Silva, mother of Enrico, and then the couple’s children, Alessandro and Maria Pia Rossi, also entered the company. In 1990 the line Clotilde Silva was born, the main brand of Unger, dedicated to grandma and now designed by Maria Pia, while in 2004 Unger moves to Via Montevideo 7, in the center of the new Design district, and opens the Boutique Unger in Piazzale Baracca 10.

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