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At HOMI, the Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes of the Fashion & Jewels satellite

The next edition of HOMI, The Lifestyle Trade Fair at Fiera Milano, will be held from 26 to 29 January 2018 at RHO (MI).

HOMI is a fair format that year after year – edition after edition – confirms, as we already mentioned in the previous post-blog, its ability to structure opportunities for professional growth for different operators, in several sectors. An event that differentiates itself from many similar others in Italy because it mainly focuses on lifestyle and is characterized by being divided into 10 satellites that represent the 10 visions of living of the contemporary man:

  • Living Habits
  • Wellness & Beauty
  • Fragrances & Personal Care
  • Fashion&Jewels
  • Gift & Events
  • Garden & outodoor
  • Kids style
  • Home Texitles
  • Hobby & Work
  • Concept Lab

Furthermore, each satellite – besides the public visibility for the exhibitor offered by the exhibition stand – several important business opportunities are created: through workshops, talks, events and real scheduled meeting (My Matching), aimed at facilitating the encounters between selected buyers, resellers and professional operators. It’s easy to understand how this is the most important aspect that makes Homi a privileged meeting place for business, even more because it’s facilitated by the location, Milan, the world capital of fashion, easily reached by direct flights from all over the world.

Attending’s HOMI next edition in January, for us at Madeinitalyfor.me, means primarily being able to introduce ourselves but most importantly it means being able to represent our Italian artisans and designers in direct meetings with buyers and retailers. We will be present with our own dedicated stand, we will participate in the scheduled B2B meetings and with Armando Salerno Mele, creator and administrator of Madeinitalyfor.me srl, we will offer a bit of advice and updates on the status of e-commerce and the necessary tools to make it efficient in a workshops in the area (which we’ll be talking about soon on our social channels). You will find us in Hall 3 – Fashion & Jewels satellite.

We know better the satellite Fashion & Jewels of HOMI 2018

Fashion & Jewels is the satellite dedicated to bijoux and fashion accessories that sees as protagonists: historical names of Made in Italy, as well as young and important international brands. Fashion and fashion accessories have influenced people’s styles and behaviors since the past: bags, glasses, hats and jewelry are increasingly visible in the wearer’s personality. And that’s why, in a professional exhibition dedicated to Lifestyles – as HOMI – this satellite plays a central role within the whole context.

In the Fashion & Jewels satellite, in fact, there will be a wide range of merchandise, accompanied, as Homi has accustomed us, by numerous initiatives that will go beyond the simple exhibition, there will be occasions to discover new fashion trends and experience the segment in all its nuances.

fashion & jewels_homi_madeinitalyfor.me

Among the initiatives planned in the HOMI edition of January 2018 there will be, in addition to a talk and workshop that will also deepen aspects on techniques and practices: HOMI EXPERIENCE a space dedicated to research and experimentation that promotes craftsmanship; the novelty of NATURALIA, an exhibition dedicated to fashion jewelery (protagonists of more than a hundred fashion jewels of Italian fashion jewelery, designers and designers including Versace, Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana); the “Maestri del Gioiello” area; the Tuttipazzeperibijoux space displaying special bijoux between tradition and innovation and the Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes space.

Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes, a project by the Fashion & Jewels satellite at HOMI FIERA

In recent years, more and more people love to buy quality fashion accessories able to last over time and the craftsmanship, typical of Made in Italy, makes this desire real.

With this in mind, the Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes space is a research space where the idea of ​​craftsmanship merges with the concept of innovation and design.

HOMI MILANO gennaio 2018_project room _madeinitalyfor.me

Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes, which returns also in the January 2018 edition after the successes of the first editions, is a real laboratory / designer atelier open to the public where 10 selected companies showcase the production process of every fashion accessory: from  the creative idea to its realization. When we talk about the production process, as you can imagine, we are talking about a metaphorical journey between the ancient processing techniques and the new ones of digital fabrication, between design and innovation. Every fashion accessory – from the bag to the jewel – is, in fact, the result of a unique creative idea that the space Project ROOM -Fashion Vibes wants to highlight.

project room_accessori moda_HOMI MILANO_madeinitalyfor.me

Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes presents itself as a large table in the heart of Hall 3, where 10 select companies explain their research path in the name of handmade, such as Patty B and the Firminio brand. Research for Patty B, for example, is in the fabrics and in the shape. Patrizia Mattoni has designed and created bags and eyewear with an elongated shape with a bag closure. Bag models that look like elegant wearable caskets with a vintage mood but with an innovative breath, thanks to the refined fabrics, which are the result of the travels in the world that Patrizia Mattoni makes as a source of inspiration. We wish her to travel more and more often,

patty b_homi milano_madeinitalyfor.me

While for the Firiminio brand, research is in the essentiality of the lines. Valeria and Valentina, are two friends who after years have found each other and have created a brand that has a mission: to create fashion accessories of accessible craftsmanship that respect the originality of every woman and her personal style. A brand  Firminio that already has several showrooms – as well as authorized dealers – in Italy and in Europe. But how do you get to fashion accessories that are essentialy in the lines? With the study of materials, research of fabrics, experimentation, cuts and stitching that those who participate in HOMI will be able to touch the Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes space.

firminio_borse artigianali_homi milano_madeinitalyfor.me

Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes is edited by A.I. – Artisanal Intelligence

Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes is a project within HOMI FIERA managed and curated by A.I. – Artisanal Intelligence. A.I. estabilished 7 years ago in Alta Roma and grown year after year thanks to the dedication of its founders – Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de Navasques. The idea behind the projects of A.I. is to see fashion as the center of a creative universe of which other planets are part such as art, cinema and the tradition of Made in Italy in all forms of craftsmanship and design, also intended as scientific experimentation.

An experimentation and research that revolves around the idea of ​​no-limits craftsmanship capable of starting from tradition to redesign the future.

project room curato da A.I._HOMI_madeinitalyfor.me

The following phase of concretizing the research is the distinguished trait of A.I .: a presentation strategy that in these years has been able to show the ability to create complex exhibition systems as a storytelling between past and present. This new exhibition ideal mixed with the collaboration of artisans, designers, companies, fashion and costume tailors and artists, simultaneously generates promotion and scouting. Thanks to this philosophy of research, presentation and promotion A.I. today represents a cultural and commercial reality, capable of translating the creative project.

Research, experimentation, craftsmanship, tradition, innovation and design are the key words that describe Project ROOM – Fashion Vibes and that we believe, in general, are an important lever to ensure that the Fashion & Jewels sector in Italy grows and evolves, year after year.

Artisans and designers in the Fashion & Jewels sector who want to be part as exhibitors of the important edition of January 2018, should just contact the Fiera Milano S.p.a. organization directly through the website dedicated to exhibitors. ( Attention, few available places left )

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