The emotions of dwelling at HOMI OUTDOOR HOME&DEHORS

Trends, training and space for new talents, for the Fiera Milano exhibition concept that debuts from September 13th to 16th.

The appointment with the first edition of HOMI Outdoor Home & Dehors is approaching and the new exhibition format, dedicated to the decoration and accessories for indoor and outdoor spaces, is taking shape in its proposals and in the mood that will distinguish it.

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With original and unconventional proposals, many innovative products and anticipated trends, HOMI Outdoor Home & Dehors promises to be a novelty of great interest to the community of retailers, interior decorators, cool hunters and all operators interested in the evolution of styles in the home sector.

At the center of the event and its formula a liquid conception of living the house that here becomes a new dimension of living.

Thus, here is the garden and the balcony to welcome a flourish of style initiatives: thanks to natural materials such as teak, bamboo or wicker, tables and chairs grow instead of plants, with pillows and tablecloths to act as fronds, thanks to prints inspired by the nature, which tell of prodigious blooms in every season.

Then there are the objects. The lamps move fluidly in space thanks to the natural materials they are made of: by day they look like stones smoothed by the river, at night they shine like magic light spots.

But not only: vases and bowls enliven the external environments like juicy fruits, creating surprising touches of color… Antique flavored amphoras play with the reflections of light on their rough surface, while, shiny and colored on the table in the center of the balcony, shaped glasses await guests to amuse them with their original appearance, as if they were made of intertwined leaves or from elegant curls of red radicchio.


Quality and careful choice of materials will characterize the exhibition: behind the apparently random shapes and the raw appearance of the finished object there is indeed a subtle work of design and research, which identifies techniques, often also sustainable and green, to tell the nature even in the space of the house while maintaining the highest quality standards of products that are always different and with an artisan taste.

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And the internal rooms? Time to bloom for them too. No matter the season: fun plants made from cardboard panels are enough to animate the living room or kitchen at any time of the year. And then, who says that even in the living room you can’t find wicker chaise-longue instead of the heavy leather armchair?


In addition to the novelties, the new format is also proposed as a 360-degree training event, with meetings dedicated to retailers and specific initiatives for architects and professionals in furnishing styles.

In particular, architects will find opportunities to discuss possible materials, forms and style approaches, thanks to a series of conferences conceived and conducted by PLATFORM Architecture and Design, which will represent a sort of state of the art in outdoor and indoor space design, told through 10 projects of important Italian authors.


And then workshops, retail oriented, organized with New Business media/Casa-stile and held by Massimo Duroni, bioarchitect and university professor, expert in innovative materials and spokesperson of an ecological approach to interior design.


Confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi survey as a growing sector (5 billion euros nationwide turnover), outdoor furniture is back in fashion in recent months but it is not just a phenomenon of season. With a large turnover and characterized by constantly changing trends, it is in fact a growing sector that sees specialized retailers increasingly attentive to its evolution.

HOMI Outdoor Home&Dehors together with the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Monza Brianza Lodi has collected for you quantitative data on the market and qualitative data on current trends:


With a business of 1.8 billion euros for companies in Lombardy, out of 5 billion in Italy, the sector is represented nationally by 1430 companies mainly dedicated to outdoor furniture. In this sector Lombardy weighs 16%, followed by Veneto, Campania, Tuscany and Sicily, all with over a thousand businesses.

Compared to turnover in businesses, the Lombardy region is very much represented, Milan in pole position with 488 million euros, followed by Bergamo with 404 million and Brescia with 377 million. Among the other most representative cities are Udine (388 million euros) and Pesaro Urbino (307 million euros).

Compared to the number of companies in the sector, on the other hand, the Chamber of Commerce ranks first with over 800 companies, then Rome and Milan with about 700, Padua and Turin with almost 600.

Among the entrepreneurs in the sector, at national level there are many women, one in three, and the presence (20%) of foreign business owners is high. Young people (under 35) also stand out, representing 8% of the total number of Italian companies.


From the coolest colors to the most sought-after accessories, summer trends reveal some curiosities about the tastes and choices of those who want to give a touch of novelty and glamor to their home or their own green space.

Compared to the chromatic choice, the companies show a strong preference for light colors, white, but also wood – which will mainly characterize the furnishings, in sharp contrast with the colors of tablecloths and outdoor curtains, characterized by stronger colors, afro prints and fun or elegant motifs inspired by nature.

The atmospheres of balconies and gardens can thus recall the typical Mediterranean taste, even in the center of a city far from the sea. Straw or wicker accessories, long and slender floor lamps to illuminate, soft cushions with prints depicting the arabesque motifs of the cities of the African coast, will transform even the simplest balcony into an elegant tropical oasis.

The culture of the “disposable” is contrasted with accessories designed to last, such as resin glasses with irregular shapes or bright colors, but also dishes apparently chiselled in stone that give a “wild” touch to the tables of open air lunches. Quality and durability are indeed one of the most sought after features by the consumer and companies are therefore aiming to offer increasingly durable and valuable products.

Even the last minute purchase seems to be a trend: deciding only in the first few days of the summer season to give a touch of novelty to the garden is, in fact, a trend that companies emphasize. These purchases are often original objects, colorful or with a strong personality designed to give a funny or original “eye-catcher” to open spaces. In this case, it is still difficult to define the tendency between painted vases, colored runners or scented candles (because, even outside, you can have more than the usual scent of citronella mosquito repellent).

HOMI Outdoor Home&Dehors
The appointment is therefore from 13 to 16 September at Fiera Milano (Rho)

To be updated on the event, the participants, the workshops and find all the useful information, you can consult the website dedicated to the September event: www.homihomeanddehors.com.

For those who are interested in exhibiting, they will find the participation form HERE




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