A multifaceted artist’s exhibition in Bari –The Master Vito Gurrado

Vito GurradoVito Gurrado is a young, versatile artist, as he likes to describe himself; sculptor, painter, interior designer but also sought after jewelry designer of acclaimed international reputation.

Class of ’79, he is capable of expressing his art through many forms and materials, a passion which soon met art and led him to exhibit his works from the age of fourteen, actively participating in high level exhibitions and obtaining significant awards and positive acclaim from critics.

His works, from sculpture to jewelry, are now required around the world and found in museums and very important private collections.

One of the most famous is present in Albania, more precisely in the ancient Castle of Berat: a monumental work (UESCO World Heritage Site) entitled “We are here“. A huge sculpture, more than three meters high and weighing seven tons, made with material found locally.

Castello di Berat:  “Ci siamo” - EN:

Castello di Berat: “Ci siamo” (patrimonio Unesco)

BARI – The prestigious works of Master Gurrado now in a Bank; Genuine investment objects.

From this July 2015, the works of this master are in prestigious venues of Fideuram Bank, based in Bari, Corso Cavour n.50. Also there, from November will start a series of events in promotion of his entire artistic production: sculptures, paintings as well as jewelry, best known as micro-wearable sculptures.

The production of maestro Vito Gurrado has always been an object of study, research, surveys and reviews on the part of researchers, intellectuals, officials, journalists, philosophers, MPs and art critics in many catalogs, newspapers, magazines and international encyclopedic dictionaries of modern and contemporary art. For years his official market, also validated by well-known critics and art experts is especially abroad, to a large rise, placing his works more and more often as the ultimate objects of investment.

Since 1993 when the artist began to exhibit his works master Gurrado lives in the comparison of the styling of the historical avant-garde of the twentieth century and Expressionists, dedicating particularly to stylization, with a proposal for wide opening to the themes of passion -Pain of the Earth, the Universal, the Space-Time, a vision – in other words cosmic and cosmogony.

His artistic proposals are identified by a very personal and innovative style that unfolds in original creations of new intense, spiritual and conceptual conceptions. The complex dynamism of its vast production involving sculpture, painting, installations, art and jewelry design opens up a new Expressionism symbolic (in both form and content), which never loses sight of the goal of beauty.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Vito Gurrado sculpts light, depicting the form, carving wood, assembling the most diverse objects, for works of art of exceptional beauty and of immense value. These problems are not related to formal or stylistic elements, but individual and social ones, sinking roots in the collective sculpture and painting.

He extracts out the idea from different inspirational sources, random or repetitive; sometimes imaginary, others times linked to the story. In his “adventure” the artist works simultaneously as a sculptor and painter, using his very instinct (sometimes rational), focusing his attention on the dichotomy of reality and imagination. This happens especially in his production of “micro-sculptures” or “signature jewels” performed with the use of materials as diverse as gold, silver and precious stones.

He possesses a great technical ability, typical of the true masters of art. When he puts the idea in the figure, he transposes the concept in the image using tools of common use, poor and everyday materials, accessible to all. The meeting of different disciplines creates a union of visual contamination where creativity rises on materiality with color effects that recover the painting and accommodate the shape and plasticity of the sculpture.

With this kind of complexity the artist Vito Bari Gurrado carves his pitto-sculpture which favors the bas-relief, resulting in styles of fascination in color and tactile form, recreating visual values that do not escape the literary and musical as a premise. In the realm of form, the artist tends to pure emotion. Mystery, life, the grounds of a stubborn visual search, internalizing impalpable themes, not shrinking in the abstract impulse but, claiming a closer internalized look, where the vagueness of the forms suggest and multiply further losses and visual and transfiguration  wonders.With power, he tries to free the matter and impress upon it a thought and astral form. In his pitto-sculpture he has seen the footsteps of the search of light, reflecting the man: weaknesses and courage, virtue and imagination.

The Master lives and understands the capacity to produce works of art as a divine gift and, as such, feels an obligation to respect and make it available to the others. For this reason, an important role in his life is solidarity. Often, in fact, he has put his work in the service of charity projects to support research for diseases such as cystic fibrosis and Parkinson’s.


Most important to him are faith and the encounter with one or more communities, as it is “a great opportunity to grow and understand himself better through God.” Precisely for this reason, he decided to donate freely to the two works Baptist Church of Bari: the first is entitled “Every knee should bow, in the name of Jesus” and a fresco on the wall depicting a man and a woman on her knees from before to Christ; the second one is a painting to cover the organ representing a “Spiritual Rebirth”.

in the video “Here for You”, a 2012 event of Vito Gurrado in Bari

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Are reported hereinafter, the most important exhibitions and events, national and international, to which the artist has participated in the last few years.

  • Defilèe d’Alta Moda, “Mustok”, Torino, (12/12/2014).
    Rassegna “l’Arte del Nuovo Rinascimento”, Aula Magna Istituto Comprensivo “G. Vicinanza”, Salerno, (15/10/2014).
  • Presentazione gioielli “Dream Collection”, Laboratorio Urbano Rigenera di Palo del Colle, (11/2014).
  • Progettazione e realizzazione di opere d’arte ed interior design, Costa Azzurra, (01/07/2014 – 07/09/2014).
  • Collettiva “L’Arte nel nuovo rinascimento” (in onore del bicentenario dell’Arma dei Carabinieri), Auditorium S. Giovanni Bosco, Bari, (05/06/2014).
  • Asta “Qui per voi” a sostegno della “Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica – Onlus”, Salone Araldo Di Crollalanza, Bari, (01/02/2014).
  • Collettiva “Il senso della vita”, Museo NICOLAIANO di Bari, (08-26/01/2014).
  • Collettiva “L’Arte del nuovo Rinascimento”, “Vittoria Parc Hotel” – Bari Palese (08/12/2013).
  • Deefilèe di gioielli con Alessia Siclari (Miss Calabria 2013) e Campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi”, Auditorium “Macrì Terranova” di Taurianova, (07/12/2013).
  • Personale con Campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi”, Colonnato della Provincia di Bari, (03-10/10/2013).
  • “Festival DiversArte”, Fortino S. Antoni, Bari, (30/09/2013 – 03/10/2013).
  • Campagne di sensibilizzazione “La ‘ndrangheta davanti all’altare” e “Qui per voi”, Piazza Macri, Taurianova, (30/08/2013).
  • Personale “La casa di Evìta, Museo per un giorno”, La casa di Evìta, Carini (PA), (05/08/2013).
  • Personale “Giorno fuori dal tempo”, Colonnato della Provincia di Bari, (25/07/2013).
  • Personale “1° Festival ecomuseale delle arti”, Feudo Messeni, S. Spirito, (23-24/07/2013).
  • Defilèe “BLOW”, Piazza Duomo, Trani, (19/07/2013).
  • Docenza laboratorio d’arte “SchizzO PazzO”, Liceo Scientifico G. Salvemini, Bari, (23/04/2013).
  • Personale con asta di beneficenza e Campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi”, Auditorium “Macrì Terranova” di Taurianova, (11/03/2013).
  • Personale “Glamour Night” e Campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi”, Tenuta Torredomini di Giovinazzo, (03/03/2013).
  • Campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi” e sponsorizzazione della “Parkinson Cup”, centro sportivo Spes L’Artiglio, Roma, (23/02/2013).
  • Realizzazione di un trailer a supporto della campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi”, Berlino, (02-09/02/2013).
  • Personale a favore di Telethon, Banca BNL, Bari, (15/12/2012).
  • Vernissage “Glamour”, Sala Casanova, Ascoli Piceno, (08/12/2012).
  • Esposizione “Luxury Fashion Show”, Hotel Sheraton Nicolaus, Bari, (17-18/11/2012).
  • Personale con campagna di sensibilizzazione “Qui per voi” a favore della ricerca per Fibrosi cistica e Parkinson, Sala Murat, Bari, (12-16/11/2012).
  • Sfilata di gioielli “Il sogno”, Madonna di Campiglio, (18/02/2012).
  • Sfilata di gioielli “Prestigio, Arte ed Eleganza”, The Beach, Milano, (20/01/2012).
  • Collettiva/Concorso “Gemluc Art”, Auditorium Ranieri III, Montecarlo, (07-23/10/2011).
  • Personale, “Pala Florio”, Bari, (02/09/2011).
  • Esposizione e presentazione dell’opera “Stelle nel firmamento” destinata al Museo Federale Fijlkam di Roma, Hotel Majesty, Bari, (01/09/2011).
  • Personale “Vieni e godi”, “Couch club”, Bari, (27/07/2011).
  • Estemporanea “Trucco artistico su corpo”, Villa Camilla, Bari, (15/07/2011).
  • Collettiva, “Arte e Moda”, Castello di Mola, (13-14/07/2011).
  • Personale “Percezioni e Rivelazioni”, Sala “La Riffa al meridiana”, Bari, (17/05/2011).
  • Collettiva “Sulle orme di San Nicola”, Galleria Divisione Arte, Bari, (05/2011).
  • Presentazione ed inaugurazione delle opere architettoniche site nel Palazzo Marchesale di Santeramo in Colle, (09/04/2011).
  • Personale “L’Arte incontra la terra”, Palazzo Marchesale di Santeramo in Colle, (07/04/2011).
  • Presentazione e consegna del crocifisso in bronzo realizzato per Sua Santità Papa Benedetto XVI, Città del Vaticano, (04/02/2011).
  • Collettiva “L’arte del nuovo rinascimento”, Palazzo della provincia di Bari, (10-13/12/2010).
  • Progettazione e realizzazione di opere d’arte ed interior design, Losanna, Monte Carlo, (01/08-11/12/2010).
  • Realizzazione dell’opera monumentale “Ci siamo”, Castello di Berat – Albania (18-28 Maggio 2010). Opera patrimonio dell’UNESCO.
  • Sfilata “afm promotion” con gioielli scultorei, Andria, (08-09/05/2010).
  • Personale “Genesi”, Sala I Maltesi, Monopoli, (30/04/2010).
  • Collettiva “Il privilegio di segni forme e colori”, Sala Espositiva della Biblioteca “Armando Perotti”, Cassano delle Murge (23/04-05/06/2010).
  • Presentazione ufficiale dell’opera “L’agguato” presso Certosa di Padula e successivo suo ingresso nel Museo Joe Petrosino (23/04/2010).
  • Presentazione dell’opera conferita alla memoria del Mastro Rosario Vairo quale Primo Premio “Nuovo Rinascimento”, Sala Consilina (27/02/2010).
  • Personale, Sala Olivieri, Bari (05-12/02/2010).
  • Biennale Grandi Firme dell’Arte Contemporanea, Hotel Miramare, Cesenatico (02/01/2010).
  • Collettiva “Gocce di segni”, Galleria “Segni”, Torino (14/12/2009-30/01/2010).
  • Personale di opere pittoriche, scultoree e gioielli, Atelier Cheope Creazioni, Bari (04/2009-02/2010).
  • Esposizione permanente di gioielli d’arte, Galleria Bluorg, Bari (dal 12/2008).
  • Collettiva, “Nilaya”, Bari (14/09/2008)
  • Personale di gioielli ed opere, Country Club, Bari (16/07-16/09/2008).
  • Personale di gioielli ed opere, Teatro Mediterraneo, Bisceglie (08/07/2008).
  • Presentazione e consegna della scultura “Mutatio” e gioielli “Neverending Collection”, Royal Yacht di Sua Maestà il Sultano dell’Oman Qaboos bin Said, (29/05/2008).
  • Sfilata di abiti e gioielli, Galleria Bluorg, Bari (12/2007).
  • Collettiva “SalernoInVita”, Complesso monumentale di S. Sofia, Salerno (24-30/09/2007).
  • Estemporanea, Dubrovnik Croazia, (28/07/2007).
  • Collettiva AUSER, Galleria Comunale, Bari (24-26/05/2007).
  • Personale di gioielli d’arte, “Circolo Tennis”, Bari (05/2007)
  • Collettiva, “Circolo Tennis”, Bari (16-21/04/2007).
  • Esposizione, Galleria “Gagliano Arte”, Bari (03/2007).
  • Sfilata di moda e gioielli “Muse”, Galleria “BluOrg”, Bari (05/02/2007).
  • Rassegna internazionale “Il presepe tra il tradizionale e il contemporaneo”, Villa Meridiana, S. Maria di Leuca (12/2006 – 01/2007).
  • Presentazione gioiello “Terra”, Galleria “BluOrg”, Bari (28/12/2006).
  • Collettiva “Maestri Scultori Italiani”, Galleria “La Chimera”, Lecce (11/2006).
  • I Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea Italiana, Galleria “La Chimera”, Lecce (10/2006).
  • Esposizione, Fiera del Levante, Bari (09/2006).
  • Collettiva “INTRA MOENIA”, Bisceglie (21-24/09/2006).
  • Estemporanea, Corfù Grecia, (05/08/2006).
  • Collettiva “artEstate 2006”, Sala “Il bastione”, Giovinazzo (07/2006).
  • Collettiva, “Metropolitan International Art”, Lecce (04/2006 – 07/2006).
  • Esposizione, Galleria “Belviso”, Bari (2006-2007).
  • Mostra – concorso di pittura “Mimì Larocca L’arte come passione”, Palazzo Piretti- Latronico, Ferrandina (18/12/2005 – 14/01/2006).
  • Personale “Enigma”, Auditorim Vallisa, presentata dal critico d’arte Lello Spinelli, critico letterario Toe Mercurio, Bari (18/12/2005-10/01/2006).
  • XXVI Edizione Internazionale, EXPO ARTE, Bari (2-5/12/2005).
  • Mostra – Concorso Internazionale di Pittura e Grafica “Il gioco nell’arte” organizzato dalla Associazione Culturale ITALIA, Sanremo (27/11/2005 – 03/12/2005).
  • Collettiva, Palazzo “Conte Sabini”, Adelfia, organizzato dall’Associazione Pleiade (09/10/2005)
  • Concorso internazionale di Pittura “GIUSEPPE OCCHIOGROSSO” (05/09/2005).
  • Estemporanea, Montecimolo (08/2005).
  • Collettiva, Galleria “La Nuova Vernice”, Bari (01/2005 – 02/2005).
  • Collettiva, Galleria Comunale del Castello Aragonese, Taranto, patrocinata dall’Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Taranto, (01/2005)
  • XXV Edizione Internazionale EXPO ARTE, Bari (12/2004).

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