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Puglia – The historical re-enactment becomes DocuFiction – Visitors traveling in the year 1000 in Taranto and Mottola

First appointment on 2 October in Mottola: guided tour, music and filming. Visitors traveling in the year 1000.

A virtual and live storytelling through historical reenactors. It happens in Taranto and Mottola with the experimental event “Paths of History”, based on the production of a docufiction in places of the highest value, combined with performances and tourist itineraries. The ancient part of Taranto – with its cultural evidences and hypogea – united by the subtle thread of the narrative in the countryside of Mottola with the churches and rocky villages.

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The first appointment is Saturday 2 October at 9:00 in Mottola: history, archeology and landscape will embellish the re-enactment which – later – will take shape in a video. The public can also be part of the shooting that will be accompanied by archive images. The initiative is part of the broader project “The Battle of the 11th century, the Tale” which boasts the support and attention of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, with the patronage of the municipalities of Taranto and Mottola .

“The informative format – explains the association promoting I Cavalieri de li Terre Tarentine – tells the story that led to the clash between the Byzantines, masters of the lands of Southern Italy in the Middle Ages, and the Norman conquerors who led to the transformations of those territories from the point of view historical and social “. Leading into the maze of history will be reenactors of the highest philological level and professional actors. All this in strongly identifying places that are at the same time the context of the events narrated. «The final production – the organizers underline – foresees the creation of an informative and promotional audiovisual product of the events of the past, thanks to the involvement of academics and what our association has achieved. Re-evocative skills resulting from studies and collaborations with museums and universities, as well as linked to the participation and organization of about 400 events in 16 years of activity ».

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The Mottola event includes, in the morning, a guided tour by the local Infopoint in the church of San Nicola and the exhibition of the multi-instrumentalist, composer and researcher Fabio Anti inside the rock site. For those who wish, they can stay until the afternoon when part of the outdoor and backstage shooting will take place in which the interested public can take part. Participating groups are Musica Historica from Grottaglie, Milites Friderici II from Oria, Historia Bari and Gli Araldi di San Tommaso Becket from Mottola.

Admissions will be limited in compliance with the anti-Covid legislation

Appointment Saturday 2 October at 9:00 am at the Mottola Infopoint in viale Jonio
(info and reservations: 099.8867640)

Cost of participation 15 euros, free for children under 8 years


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