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The first “Slow Food Community” of ceramics was born in Puglia

In Grottaglie, in the province of Taranto, a famous city of art with an ancient artisan tradition in artistic ceramics, an original and creative project was born with the desire to translate the values of Slow Food: healthy food, defense of biodiversity, protection of typicality ; bringing even greater visibility and enhancing the ceramic of Grottagliese use.

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The values that the Slow Food movement embodies and promotes at an international level range from the universal right to healthy food, to the defense of biodiversity and ecosystems, to the defense of typicality. The meeting between traditions, languages, diversified local productions can, therefore, represent a great lever capable of enhancing the excellence available to the territory.

There are many planned projects and initiatives that involve the master potters with the collaboration of producers from the various sectors of the food and wine world. All through a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of both consumers and institutions towards a greater awareness of a peculiarity that risks disappearing if not adequately supported thanks to the collaboration and promotion in a common vision of both ceramic products and food and wine excellences.

Starting from this premise, the Slow Food Community for the enhancement of traditional Grottagliese ceramics involved several chefs from the Slow Food Alliance (Chef’s Alliance). The first international event will be held on 6 December in London at La Fromagerie with chef Alessandro Grano.

For the occasion, Chef Grano will create delicacies using typical Apulian products cooked in ceramic and paired with wines from our territory. All served naturally in Grottagliese ceramic plates.

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“Preserving the history of our territory and spreading the culture of local productions. – declares Franco Peluso, Spokesperson of the Slow Food Community for the enhancement of Grottagliese ceramics – is essential to create the right economy for small producers thanks to a national and international of our project. The ceramic of Grottagliese use boasts a history of quality, which is not found in other contexts, thanks to the vastness of artifacts, each characterized by a specific use or destination “.

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