Countdown for the Italian Fashion Talent Award 2018 in Salerno, November 23-25

Everything is ready! Here comes the new highly anticipated edition of the appointment dedicated to emerging designers, that this year will be enriched by training sessions and B2B meetings with the big names in the fashion industry. 100 finalists at stake for the emerging 2018 fashion designer award. Fashion, emerging designers and Made in Italy are back in Salerno on November 23rd, 24th and 25th.

The contest dedicated to new talents – organized by the IFTA Association together with Confartigianato Moda Nazionale, through the Chairman Fabio Pietrella, who strongly believed in the realization of this new edition, working in close contact with IFTA founder Roberto Jannelli and patronage of the Campania Region and the Municipality of Salerno, the support of the Ministry of Development and the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno – has been an unmissable appointment for all young emerging designers for years.

To decree the winner, a technical jury was chosen, with names of international importance: Cavalier Mario Boselli, Honorary President of the Italian National Chamber of Fashion who will be the president of the jury, and then Michela Gattermayer, ELLE Deputy Director, Massimiliano Bizzi, founder and patron of White Milano, Mario Dell’Oglio, president of the Italian Chamber of Buyers, the elegant and sophisticated designer Raffaella Curiel and Gianni Molaro, an avant-garde and eclectic Italian designer.

The theme of the 2018 edition of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards is Soul because – as we read in the cultural manifesto of the new edition – the soul has no dyes and is changeable. The soul takes the shape we want and has a thousand faces. Inspired by the infinite artistic interpretations that lie behind the concept of soul, the hundred finalists have given vent to their creative inspiration competing with a sketch that, on the evening of November 25, will take life on the catwalk in front of the critical eye of the press, buyers and jurors.

One hundred finalists in the running, on over one thousand applications received by the organizing secretariat of the event, which, with the help of a dedicated and specialized commission, evaluated all the sketches received and selected the stylists who will have access to the contest. After studying the look in every detail, each finalist will have a model available for the catwalk with which they will try to win the organizational and economic support useful to make a preview of their own collection.

Check out the 100 finalists selected by IFT Awards

Special dresses and great creativity, selected from hundreds of proposals, this year will color the final contest evening worn by professional models in a glamorous party atmosphere. Many participated in pairs, and the names are together in the list. Here are the young designers who will take the catwalk of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards 2018.

Afshar Kabeery Hosseini Nazli
Amaro Serena
Amirante Anna Maria
Andreoli Ludovica
Anzivino – Passaro, Clementina – Barbara
Aquilone Enza
Arcuri – D’Attilio, Roberta – Vittoria
Arino – De Pasquale, Salvatore – Renato
Auricchio – Pagano, Rita Marlen – Giuseppina
Avolio – Esposito, Teresa – Claudia
Barbieri Silvia
Barletta Arianna
Barone – Di Franco, Alessia – Giuseppina
Berto – Navarra, Veronica- Maria Bruna
Bigari – Yu, Mattia – Francesca
Boccia Imma
Cacace Fabrizia
Caione – Cardillo, Bruna – Carla
Calabrese Tecla
Calcagnini Chiara
Caldarelli Lidia Lucia
Canale – De Maio, Gaia – Flavia
Capaldo Maria
Capasso – Cristiano, Alessia – Alessia
Carbone Susanna
Carrera Emanuele
Cascella Veronica
Cavaliere Michela
Cavallo – Pianu, Daniele – Giada
Cellini Carmen
Cennamo Sara
Chianese Erginda
Ciliento Mara
Cinque Alfonso
Colasante Daniele
Conte Ilaria
Conte – Pirozzi, Martina – Dalila
Coppola Rosita
D’Adamo Jacopo
D’Agostino – Fergola, Roberta Santos – Mariandrea
D’Ancona Marzia
D’Andrea Claudia
D’Orsi Alessandra
Dainelli Anna
De Carolis Sara
De Fusco Luca
De Gregorio Anthea
De Vito Rosaria
Della Corte Annunziata
Di Lazzaro Annalisa
Di Maio Arianna
Di Napoli Debora
Di Sante Guido
Esposito Colomba
Esposito – Giampietro, Alessia – Daniele
Facchini Massimo J.
Falciano Clotilde
Fanizza Rosanna
Favetta Davide
Fenuta Ester
Ferrara Rosa
Ferrazzi Elisabetta
Foggetti Maristella Giuseppina
Gallo – Sannino, Chiara – Assunta
Gargiulo Giavanna
Giglio Antonia
Grasso Valentina
Gravante Simona
Guerriero, Mariarosaria
Impastato Malania
Iovine Annunziata
La Luna Antonella
Laudisio Alessandro
Lenucci- Pirone, Federica – Anna
Lucarelli Martina
Magno Brendon
Majnoni D’Intignano Assia
Malcore Simone
Mangiapia Gabriella
Marciano Davide
Mauriello Valeria
Mauriello Rita
Mazzeo Maria Rita
Molinaro Claudia
Napolitano Marilena
Napolitano Carmen Federica
Nappo Serena
Natale Alessandro Brandon
Orsini Elisa
Panico – Polverino, Pasqualina – Imma Gabriella
Penna Francesca
Perrino Maria
Pisacane Giovanna
Policano Natasha
Sangalli Carola
Santella Enrica
Scognamiglio Raffaele
Siviero Carlo
Surowiec Ania
Tessitore Adele
Trombetta Iole
Turco Annarita
Ventura Saverio
Viola Martina
Vitelli Cristina
Voria Stefania

iftawards dd

The new edition of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards – whose artistic direction is always entrusted to Salvatore Colasanto, Pasquale Esposito and Giovanni Maione – will also dedicate the entire day of November 24 to training, with topics closely related to fashion and workshops on skills related to web, communication and soft skills. On the same day, stylists and companies in the fashion sector of the territory will be the protagonists of a Meet & Match and B2B meetings with international buyers and big names in the national fashion industry, wanted and organized by Confartigianato Salerno.

The ultimate goal will be networking in a creative and commercial perspective, which will not only see the city of Salerno increasingly at the center of the national debate but will also give young finalists the opportunity to create contacts with industry experts.

Jo squillo ift awards

Italian Fashion Talent Awards is a project for the promotion and growth of the Italian fashion and creativity sector. The focus is entirely on young emerging designers, so that they receive tools and resources for their personal projects of entrepreneurship. The ambition is to develop a fashion center in Southern Italy, enriched and animated by talented designers, able to innovate and propose their own vision of Made in Italy. The goal is to make young talents independent and able to embark on a path of creation and distribution of their collections. An ambitious project that puts great trust in young people, and reserves them the right space for protagonists.

A national fashion contest for young talents, but also a project for the development of the fashion industry in Southern Italy. The goal is to promote, encourage and give visibility to young Italian designers and their ideas, spreading the culture of research and innovation in the field of fashion design, giving space to their projects and, at the same time, attracting talents of the fashion to create a pole of visibility and production, and give new lifeblood to trade and industry, generating movement of people and interests.

The main aim of the project is to break down the barriers that make it difficult for young Italian talents to get visibility and establish the right relationships to produce their creations, making the journey of these designers less difficult, shortening the distance that very often creates between those who produce fashion and who could make it. Create a stage of opportunities, giving them visibility and professional recognition that can gratify their talent. In this sense, Salerno is running, in a four-day fashion in the city, to become that national stage that will be a catalyst for the many designers in the area.

Among the new features of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards is the job meeting organized during the days of the event. The regulation provides indeed the presentation of two dresses: the first dress is for the contest that will run on the catwalk of the Iftawards 2018 during the gala evening; the second dress required will be a showcase for young designers who will have the opportunity to personally meet the companies showing their work. 25 international buyers will move under the aegis of the ICE – Italian Trade Agency, the patronage of the Campania Region and the Municipality of Salerno, the collaboration of Confartigianato Imprese and the active participation of the Ministry of Development.

ift award 3_n

Young people who want to participate in the kermesse will live important formative moments through workshops and meetings with established designers, a constructive space open also to the professors of the Academies and Higher Institutes that orbit in the world of design and fashion. Everything will find the right conclusion in the final evening of the contest, the true focus of the event, when the show will be presented by showbiz personalities, with musical interludes by well-known singers, and moments dedicated to conviviality and food-beverage, in a location exceptionally equipped in every detail, which can accommodate up to three thousand people, favoring those invited to orbit in the fashion world.

The festival thus becomes a prestigious moment of fashion and entertainment, an election stage that will put young people and their creations at the center.

Ecco il programma delle giornate dal 22 al 25

November 22nd

Presentation of the IFTA calendar and events in an elegant happening.

Grand Gala in the name of the shots by photographer Paco Di canto, portraying clothes by the young designers of the past edition in the new calendar #IFTA 2019, for the first evening of this year’s edition of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards. The dinner will be held in the historic center of the city of Salerno and will be attended by all the executives and CEOs of the main sponsors, the local press and not, and the regional and municipal workers, who will constitute the hundred guests of the parterre of excellence.

November 23rd

The young designers reach IFTAWARDS, after the fitting presentation of the iftawards 2019 calendar

The first day of Iftawards starts at 12:00 with the press conference at the Salerno Fairgrounds. In the afternoon the designers will meet the models for the Fitting in the Positano hall of the Hotel Lloyd’s Baia, on the Amalfi coast in Vietri sul Mare.

The day will conclude with a Gala Evening and the presentation of the 2019 IFTAWARDS calendar at Villa Soglia, in Castel San Giorgio.

November 24th

Workshop, exhibition of operas in the job meeting with buyers and companies, welcome dinner.
In the morning the designers will participate in a training session held by Michela Zito: special project of White Trade Show Milan, art director Confexport Fashion.

In the afternoon there will be the workshop held by SELLA LAB for Banca Sella.

During the day young designers will be able to exhibit their second prêt-à-porter outfit and participate in the job meeting, for the exchange of contacts and initiatives with companies in the fashion industry and international buyers.

The day will end with a dinner dedicated to stylists together with media partners and buyers.

November 25th

Final catwalk and award ceremony, in a perfect location the winner will be decided.

The dresses of the participants will be immortalized with a photo shoot on the set, to be able to use later the photos to create a book, which the organization will print as a tribute to the many partner companies and all the stylists in the race.

Final evening at the Salerno Exhibition Center. A hundred suits, dozens of media workers and an audience of 2500 spectators, in 3500 square meters of installations, lights, lounges, corners beverage, for the final show and the resulting award ceremony, which will be decreed the winners of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards 2018 .

sfilata ift 2017

IFTA Italian Fashion Talent Awards by JCLAB S.r.l.

Via Roberto Wenner, 48 – 84131 Salerno, Italy /info@iftawards.it/ Tel. 089254452

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