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IFTAWARDS (Italian Fashion Awards) is a national contest for young designers. It’s also a meeting point between supply and demand: almost 200 young talents (including stylists and models), 2500 invited who work in the sector and more than 3000m² to guarantee visibility, space and ease of communication for all the person involved.

This year’s edition featured new activities including workshops, scheduled meetings and 25 international buyers as guest. All to give birth to a place where stylists can show what they are capable of and, at the same time, grow professionally and trained in an environment made specifically for this purpose.

This years theme was: “Anima (the soul)”.

The News


This year’s edition was tinged with various innovations that have been extended to offer training and more. Also, among the prizes there are several stages in largest Italian fashion companies.

The event opened with the inaugural gala dinner on Friday 23rd at Villa Soglia, made even more beautiful and evocative photography by the fashion photographer Paco di Canto who created the 2019 calendar of IFTAWARDS, with photos and stories from the previews edition participants. 12 photos, 12 different worlds united by the theme: dreams inspired by fairy tales.

After a grueling day spent between fitting tests and the formation of the pairs stylist-models, saturday 24 was dedicated to the training and the meetings with buyers. Throughout all the day, at Salone dei Marmi in Palazzo di Città, were held Meet & Matches.

The competition announcement for the IFTAWARDS 2018 talk about the presentation of two distinct clothes: one for the runway show and one for the showcase. Saturday 24 was precisely the day dedicated to the exhibition of prêt-à-porter dresses, with consequent exchange of contacts between designers, international buyers and big names of the Italian fashion industry.

The aim was to give to the young finalists the opportunity to create contacts with industry experts and understand how to move in this environment. The prêt-à-porter dress served to show to the companies what they were capable of. Let’s not forget tha, thanks to the ICE – Italian Trade Agency , this edition of IFTAWARDS hosted exceptionally 25 international buyers!

Also, on Saturday, our talented designer followed a lesson held by Michela Zito (special project of White Trade Show Milan and art director Confexport Moda) followed by the workshop organized by < em> SELLALAB . These two meetings served to train them on web-related skills, communication and soft skills necessary to the market.

All that remains is to talk about Sunday 25, the day of the runway show!

The Finale


For this year the Italian Fashion Talent Awards have ended. The finale took place on Sunday, November 25, at the Polo Fieristico di Salerno (Salerno Exhibition Center) where the 100 dress, made by carefully selected Italian designers, walk the catwalk under the watchful eyes of more than two thousand spectators and the critical gaze of a jury of excellence.

This year’s jury president was Cavalier Mario Boselli , Honorary President of the Italian National Chamber of Fashion.
Together with him there were:

  1. Michela Gattermayer, one of the most prestigious names in Italian fashion journalism
  2. Raffaella Curiel , the fashion queen
  3. Gianni Molaro , the couturier-artist, transgressive and poetic
  4. Massimiliano Bizzi , Patron and Founder of White Show Milano
  5. Mario Dell’Oglio , President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers

The 100 highly selected of this year were divided in four acts under the banner of fashion and avant-garde.

In the “first moment”: Adele Tessitore, Elisabetta Ferrazzi, Valeria Mauriello, Carola Sangalli, Chiara Calcagnini, Sara Cennamo,  Serena Amaro, Simone Malcore, Carlo Siviero, Mariandrea Fergola & Roberta Santos D’Agostino, Anna Maria Amirante, Annunziata Iovine, Gaia Canale & Flavia De Maio,  Teresa Avolio & Claudia Esposito,  Colomba Esposito, Veronica Cascella, Anna Dainelli, Maria Perrino, Imma Gabriella Polverino & Pasqualina Panico, Martina Lucarelli, Michela Cavaliere, Gabriella Mangiapia, Abito Jacopo D’Adamo, Natasha Policano,  Raffaele Scognamiglio.


In the “second moment”: Maria Ciliento, Ania Surowiec, Alessandro Brandon Natale, Alessandra D’Orsi, Iole Trombetta, Marzia D’Ancona, Roberta Arcuri & Vittoria D’Attilio, Giuseppina Pagano & Rita Marlen Auricchio, Imma Boccia, Mariarosaria Guerriero, Rosita Coppola, Davide Favetta, Maria Bruna Navarra & Veronica Berto, Annarita Turco, Ilaria Conte, Serena Nappo, Martina Viola, Susanna Carbone, Silvia Barbieri, Melania Impastato, Chiara Gallo & Assunta Sannino, Erginda Chianese, Anna Pirone & Federica Ienucci, Salvatore Arino & Renato De Pasquale, Carla Cardillo & Bruna Caione.


In the “third moment”: Rosa Ferrara, Davide Marciano, Alessia Capasso & Alessia Cristiano, Daniele Colasante, Sara De Carolis, Nazli Afshar Kabeery Hosseini, Saverio Ventura, Clementina Anzivino & Barbara Passaro, Anthea De Gregorio, Ester Fenuta, Giovanna Gargiulo, Maria Capaldo, Ludovica Andreoli, Stefania Voria, Giuseppina Di Franco & Alessia Barone, Arianna Barletta, Tecla Calabrese, Antonia Giglio, Fabrizia Cacace, Martina Conte & Dalila Pirozzi, Massimo Jr Fracchini, Antonella La Luna & Francesca Penna, Rosanna Fanizza, Luca Di Fusco, Lidia Lucia Caldarelli.


In the “fourth moment”: Alfonso Cinque, Arianna Di Maio, Giovanna Pisacane, Enza Aquilone, Annunziata Della Corte, Simona Gravante, Rita Mauriello, Elisa Orsini, Maria Rita Mazzeo, Rosaria De Vito, Mattia Bigari & Francesca Yu, Carmen Cellini, Carmen Federica Napolitano, Assia Majnoni D’Antignano, Marilena Napolitano, Daniele Giampietro & Alessia Esposito, Cristina Vitelli, Claudia D’Andrea, Clotilde Falciano, Guido De Sante, Enrica Santella, Valentina Grasso.


The Winners

The winners of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards are in total six : a first place and five special prizes awarded by the partners of the event.


First Place: Ludovica Andreoli

Awarded by Confartigianato Imprese , will guarantee the winner organizational and economic support for the realization of a capsule collection.

This year’s winner was Ludovica Andreoli , a young 30-year-old from Ferrara, from the Istituto di Moda Burgo. Notice that this talented designer won with one of the rare male proposals on the catwalk.


Innovation Award

The Innovation Award was assigned by Banca Sella, it provides the accompaniment by the bank and a consulting team that will help the winner in the creation of a brand or a company.

This year’s winner was Gabriella Mangiapia , 24-year-old from Pianura (Naples), of the Accademia della Moda di Napoli.

Elegance Award

The Elegance award was given by the Cilento Outlet Village. This year’s winner was Valentina Grasso , 22-year-old from Aversa (Caserta), of Accademia della Moda di Napoli.



Critics Award

The Critics award was given by the artistic directors of the event (Salvatore Colasanto, Pasquale Esposito and Giovanni Maione). The winner of this year was Mara Cilento, 22 years old from Casalnuovo (Naples), of Accademia della Moda di Napoli.


Modeling Award

The modeling award is assigned by the Agenzia Generale di Generali Salerno “Santi Martiri”. This year’s winner was Annunziata Iovine , a 23-year-old Neapolitan, of Accademia della Moda di Napoli.


Best Men’s Proposal Award

The Best Men’s Proposal Award was given by Province of Salerno Mc Donald’s. The winner of this year was the duo Maria Bruna Navarra , 22 years old from Naples, and Veronica Berto , 23 years old from Osimo (Ancona), both students of Accademia della Moda di Napoli.

Mentions of the jury

Chiara Calcagni (24 years old) Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata;
Veronica Cascella (23 years old) Accademia della Moda di Napoli;
Clotilde Falciano (29 years old) )Accademia della Moda di Napoli;
Rosaria De Vito (30 years old) Accademia della Moda di Napoli.

Italian Fashion Talent Awards by JCLAB S.r.l.

Via Roberto Wenner, 48 – 84131 Salerno, Italy
info@iftawards.it     Tel. 089254452


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