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Faenza – Made in Italy 2020 – Italian ceramics look to the future

On 5 and 6 September 2020, in Faenza, Made in Italy 2020, the Italian ceramic exhibition-market.

After the announcement of the cancellation of Argillà Italia, with the postponement of the 2020 edition to the spring of 2021, the Municipality of Faenza launches an event with an “extraordinary” character and which will take place on 5 and 6 September 2020 (ie the dates originally planned for Argillà).

The restrictive measures connected to the management of the Covid-19 health emergency would in fact have compromised the creation of Argillà Italia too strongly, going to affect above all the international dimension, one of the distinctive characteristics of the ceramic festival. Hence the decision to move Argillà to spring 2021, at a date yet to be defined also in agreement with the French city of Aubagne, where Argilla France will take place regularly in September 2021.

Thus, to support Italian ceramic craftsmanship in this moment of complexity and uncertainty, the Municipality of Faenza decided to organize, in the same days of September 2020, a market exhibition of Italian ceramic of smaller dimensions, in compliance with current regulations to the Covid-19 emergency.

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As recently highlighted by the National Artistic Crafts Table, formed by the supporters of the International Charter of Artistic Crafts (of which AiCC-Italian Association of Ceramics Cities is also a signatory), in the context of the health emergency Covid-19 the Unfortunately, the artistic and traditional craft sector is in a situation of extreme fragility, also putting at risk the survival of a very important cultural heritage, of traditions and techniques handed down for centuries, which have contributed largely to the definition of Made in Italy and the image of Italy in the world.

MadeInItaly2020_Manifesto xAs stated in the appeal of the table, “the weight of the sector is therefore significant, but even more important are the peculiar characteristics that make artistic craftsmanship a basic element of the Italian economy and manufacturing; a constituent factor of the identity, traditions and culture of the places; a fundamental component of the tourist offer of our territories; a creative industry that can give a lot to the younger generations looking for a professional and entrepreneurial path “. Among the themes and possible lines of action highlighted in the appeal, an important space is occupied by the creation of strategies and marketing opportunities for Italian craftsmanship, on the one hand, and by the realization of a greater integration of Made in Italy with the system cultural and national tourism.

Also from these reflections the idea of ​​Made in Italy 2020 was born, an Italian ceramic market exhibition, with the aim of creating an important moment of visibility and marketing for potters and national workshops and, at the same time, to create Faenza an event which, on a smaller scale, follows a format particularly appreciated by citizens and enthusiasts and which in this particular edition will focus above all on the enhancement of proximity tourism circuits.

The focus of Made in Italy 2020 will be the ceramic market, with a hundred Italian exhibitors who will be divided between Piazza del Popolo and the first part of Piazza martiri della Libertà. The invitation to participate was sent first to the ceramists already selected for Argillà 2020, in order to keep the quality level high, with a good adhesion rate (around 90%). The invitation to the potters on the waiting list for Argillà will follow in the next few days, until reaching the maximum number of stands that can be placed (based on the existing spacing regulations).

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There will be wider opening hours, until 11 pm on Saturday and until 9 pm on Sunday, in order to facilitate public access: instead, the dozens of collateral events we are used to for Argillà will not be organized, either to leave This identity dimension of the festival is clay, both in light of the measures in place (which make the organization of events such as Mondial Tornianti or outdoor ceramic cooking difficult at this time). The organization, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Ceramics Cities, is however working to set up the Grand Tour exhibition of Italian Classical Ceramics (by AiCC) in the Municipal Art Gallery, while there will probably be some concerts in Piazza Nenni thus enhancing the setting for summer events. Other events will take place at the same time as the MIC International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza and the Carlo Zauli Museum.

The market exhibition “Made in Italy 2020. Italian ceramics looks to the future” is organized by the Municipality of Faenza in collaboration with Ente Ceramica Faenza, AiCC – Italian Association of Ceramics Cities, Faenza C’entro.

Partner: Argillà Italia, European Ceramics Route. With the contribution of: Emilia-Romagna Region, Visit Romagna.

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