Artour-O il Must-Praga 21-24 ottobre 2015 - e50

Creativity, beautiful, music, design, 4 days of art with Artour-O The Must, in Praga 21-24 october 2015 XXII edition

ARTOUR-O the MUST, hosted in Prague in the context of the Italian Language Week, has closed the XXII edition: 4 intense days where the public could enjoy a mix of art and design. The Italian Cultural Institute, with his extraordinary Baroque Chapel, has been the headquarter of the event that has spread also in some important points of the city.

The format, already tested and beloved, to bring back art in the everyday life, highlighting protagonists, whether they are companies, institutions or artists of Patronage art, has received also the enthusiasm of the Prague people, known as very prepared and demanding.

The audience of the event partecipated at the focus held by businessmen and professionals, as always the programme propose. Francesca Reali from Villa Le Rondini, that is the main office of the MUST in Florence, as “sponsor” inaugurated the event, bringing Florence greetings and her warm invitation to share others experiences together with the Institute’s Director Giovanni Sciola and Tiziana Leopizzi.

In pursuit of Art as a way of life, Ambassador Aldo Amati congratulated with the initiative’s creator, hoping for the ARTOUR-O’s return next year, as well as the several guests, including the former Ambassador Giorgio Radicati, Genny di Bert and Alessandro Cecchi Paone.

Starting from the visit of the socialist art’s remarkable collection from Eleutheria Foundation, after took place another very awaited moment, the “ARTOUR-O’s Path in Town” articulated by the artworks in various location, like the Italian Czech Chamber of Commerce, but also Galleries and Restaurant: Nuance Restaurant in Rott Hotel and Il Palazzo that hosted the ARTOUR-O’s Dinner, indeed Il Palazzo created specially the “ARTOUR-O’s Snack”, quick and very good meal for very curious tourists.

A very appreciated location “L’Ultima cena” by Ignazio Fresu, sponsored by “Le Terrazze del Ducale” in Genoa and the big Nino Ventura’s sculptures with PLA – Plain Green,

the Luzzati Museum with Valeria Catania and Giorgio Faletti, Assisi’s Municipality with works created specifically for the place by Hye Weon Shim and Cécile Delikouras, Guglielmo Giordano Foundation in Torgiano PG, with Bruno Petronzi and Franco Repetto, Lunezia Fund Pcc Ltd in Gibraltar with Gino Masciarelli, Lorenzo Marini of Lorenzo Marini Group Milan, Tang Jue and Giua from Shanghai, Studio Most Florence with Pola Cecchi and two promising young of “Copernican Revolution”, Atchugarry Foundation with Carla Sassaroli also sponsored by Marinella Fani from Florence.

In a location as the Institute is, designated for dissemination of culture, two books presentation were very appreciated: the first “Arte da cane s. f. pl. Parte prima Trenteccetera” by Tiziana Leopizzi, and the second one “Il segno dell’Architettura contemporanea nel centro storico di Praga” by Bruna Moresco and Karim Amirfeiz.

At last, in the Saturday 24 afternoon, the most significant moment of the event, the Silver’s ARTOUR-O ceremony, that emphasize the sharing of what has been done by the Patronage with the Community, delivered for this edition to the Architects Bruna Moresco and Karim Amirfeiz from Studio Aspera and to Architect Francesco Augusto Razetto of Architectural Consulting for the Eleutheria Foundation.

The ceremony has been introduced by the concert of two extraordinary young students of the Nicolò Paganini Conservatory in Genoa, Lisa and Mara Amirfeiz, who have delighted us in the previous preparatory days with their practise.

Full of emotions, suggestions and beauty, the MUST greeted Prague, ready by now to welcome again the protagonists of the next edition. Goodbye to Florence for the XXIII edition, in march 2016.

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