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Artour-O The Must 2019, companies and institutions according to art

The 30th edition of Artour-O the MUST has just ended in Malta, and to celebrate its 15th anniversary it has returned to invade Valletta with a wave of Italian art and culture, the result of a wonderful triangulation between company, artists and institutions; made possible by the tireless organizer and architect Tiziana Leopizzi.

The MUST, which stands for Temporary MUSeum, indicates a path of contemporary art, in dialogue with the history of art, located among important locations in the city of Valletta, such as the Italian Cultural Institute, theNational Library of Valletta, the Castille Hotel or Camilleri Paris Mode in Rabat.

Atrouro a malta 2919

A one of a kind project because it is able to create and offer meeting opportunities for institutions, companies, foundations, associations and professional studios, each one presenting one or more artists, promoting and communicating their identity through art, carrying the message of our illustrious ancestors.

The Start of these 5 days, full of events, was given by the Italian Cultural Institute, directed by Massimo Sarti, which with its arrival brought a new impulse to this important showcase of Italy. A path studied through beautiful places, especially in Valletta, but that also touched Rabat, united by the fil rouge of works of Art and Design.

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Trenteccetera, the book of the story of Ellequadro, 40 years of art, cinofilia and beauty, continued its course and thus was presented also in Malta, the Italian Cultural Institute later thanked Giacomo Filippini and Giuliana Geronazzo for their donation, and the news of the hoped-for birth of the contemporary art museum of Alice Bel Colle, linked to the founder of Ellequadro, Renata Ramondo, unfortunately recently missed. Among the focuses of the day, Simon Mercica, spoke of Art and Customers, a fixed and much loved theme by ARTOUR-O.

This at the Italian Cultural Institute is the first inauguration, but ARTOUR-O, with its UnRolls as symbol of the event, is a succession of inaugurations, exhibitions, focuses, dinners and events: from the opening of the Castille Hotel, where have been exhibited many works of the participating artists, to the speech given by Margherita Franzoni who spoke about Art and Company, the focus of the initiative; then move on to the National Library which opened its secret spaces, the Lab with the exhibition by Angelo Toffoletto and Maurizio Roasio or Camilleri Paris Mode, the space whose owner, entrepreneur and president of the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce received the silver plaque of ARTOUR-O the MUST.

Among the focuses of ARTOUR-O, the MUST, one in particular was dedicated to the important significance of the terms patron and client, emphasizing the fundamental importance of the latter and one of the sons of ARTOUR-O was presented, who is MISA Muso international sculpture in progress for companies. Then completing the day at the exhibition with which BPW Malta participated in the Valletta Chamber of Commerce TOUR, known as the Borza PL Lorraine Lewis.

Leonardo’s Dinner was held on the roof of the Castille Hotel and in addition to the magnificent view of Valletta, it was possible to appreciate the menu of chef Del Robertis and the Terre Margaritelli wines that presented MISA Listone Giordano and Acqua Levico Artists in team with Danilo Susi, they also accompanied the splendid dinners.

cena leonardo artouro

And between aperitifs, focus, meetings, dinners, art history and performances such as the UnRoll labs, the days fly by; just as the clouds of the skies seem to fly, as commissioned by the Castille Hotel, by Giuseppe Gusinu further proof of how these synergies can trigger new projects and new orders for the artists.

ARTOUR-O can be read as Arte in Tour but also as ART OUR. Today as yesterday, art leaves a mark of the historical moment that we live in; the name was born precisely to synthesize these two souls. ARTOUR-O has thus completed and enriched its spaces, as happened to Montedomini and the Cenacolo of Ghirlandaio in Florence, now for the National Library and the Castille Hotel to talk about Malta. Art of yesterday and art of today coexist very well. On 18 evening for those who could stop the princely dinner dedicated to Leonardo from the Italian Academy of Cooking at the Casino

ARTOUR-O The MUST greets everyone and gives an appointment in March 2020 for the Florentine edition of the Temporary Museum of Modern Art and design of Ellequadro Documents – Genoa

Some advances by architect Tiziana Leopizzi, organizer of AROTUR-O the MUST.

In Genoa on 5 December we will talk about ARTOUR-O in Malta and projects on the track, Florence in the first place.

– Projects?

We work on the points of contact between artist and client, both institutional and private. The first thing that they have in common is curiosity, not surprisingly ARTOUR-O, which we like to imagine as a “being”, is a very curious type. We therefore continue the MISA International Sculpture Museum for Companies and AlterEgo.

This time the CV of Leonardo da Vinci, who has been with us since the very beginning, was joined by Leonardo’s etiquette for Ludovico il Moro, which everyone loves but especially young people.

ARTOUR-O particularly cares about young people, so much so that it can be accessed freely and we have proposed formulas of life with art that are different from custom, in order to make the event more accessible to everyone, from the young to the less young, but above all, in a very transversal way, Artour-O is made for the curious, since curiosity is the spring that moves the world. 



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