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Artour-O il MUST – From 14 to 18 March 2018 in Florence

Friday, March 14th – inauguration in Montedomini

XIV edition of “Artour-O il MUST” FIRENZE 2018

“Artour-O il MUST” is back in Florence, is more than an exhibition: it is an italian project born in 2005 to bring our contemporary art around the world; placing the figure of the artist in dialogue with the client, allowing to recreate a way of living “made in Italy”, bringing the art back to “the house”, its natural bed. Visitors are invited to enter an environment where art, design, architecture, beauty, music, fashion and food are the undisputed protagonists. Florence is the first location of this two annual appointments, while in October / November, the project flies to foreign cities.


Late November Artour-O was at Madeira, in Portugal, where it was very successful. In March, from 14 to 17, Artour-O returns to Florence for its 14th edition. In the 2018 edition Artour-O is enriched once again with the addition of new institutions, between institutional and private, and consequently great new artists become part of the network. During the time in Florence, as in previous years, various locations will be visited by the event to aim of connecting institutions and businesses.

This year’s location in Florence will be:

Accademia delle Arti del Disegno Via Orsanmichele n. 4
ASP Montedomini Via dei Malcontenti n. 6
CSF Montedomini “Il Fuligno” Via Faenza n. 48
Cenacolo del Fuligno Via Faenza n. 40
Conservatorio di S.Maria degli Angeli Via della Colonna n. 34
Fani Gioielli Via de’ Tornabuoni n. 72R
Officina Profumo Farmaceutica S.M. novella via della Scala 16
Paolo Villa la Vedetta Viale Michelangiolo n. 78
Villa Le Rondini Via Bolognese n. 224


The programm of the event will be very intense and will start with the inauguration at Montedomini, on the 14th of March. In the morning of 15th, 16th and 17th there will be the “Percorso in Città” (City Tour) and three “Tavole Rotonde” (Round Tables), in three different location, about art and art commission. In the afternoon of 15th, 16th and 17th in Montedomini there will be, in addition to the exhibition, the “Punto Critico” (Critical Point) workshop, the latest addition of this edition. At 6.30 pm there will be a general reunion at the Conservatory of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the same place of mess dinners organize by Artour-O on the 15th and 16th, this year there will be two because the 2018 edition is the year dedicated to Italian food. There will also be also a section about Interior, Video, Performance, Music and Theater on 17 to 19.00.


artour-o d'argento

On Sunday 18th, during the highlight of the event, the “Artour-O d’Argento” price will be delivered. This particular recognition is dedicated to all those who have made art their life and economy engine, sharing their passion with the community, thus contributing to enriching it emotionally and culturally. This year it will be delivered to Maurizio DiMaggio. After the delivery Artour-O will leave for it’s first foreign stage.


Artour-O the MUST – Interior – At the table – Focus – gAt – Kids – LAB – in the Court – LAB “Critical Point” – City Tour – “Saper Vedere” the treasure hunt with
artistic theme, Street Art, UnRoll, Cheerful Vivace, Video, e la Mostra “iCub e R1” – Face to face, Blow Up and the very important Conference with the very involved speakers.

Artour-O emphasizes art as an intrinsic part of our country past, with attention placed on the relationship between art, institutions and businesses. Art is our identity, a source of life and economy for our country, as well as being an engine for business. And we,, certainly cannot miss this important event, an event we love since 2015. During the Artour-O we always bring some of our craftsmen to promote them in such important showcase.


More information:

Artour-O is admission free.
To speak in the forum you must register, subject to availability.
The mess dinners is on reservation.
(T. + 39 055 400081 – mailbox @ villalerondini .it )



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