Aldilà del Velo Partizia Garavini

“Aldilà del velo” of Patrizia Garavini |15 May – 6 June 2015

In the beautiful city of Bologna, a few steps from the square of the seven churches, are still on display until June 6, the magnificent works of the exhibition “Aldilà del Velo” (“Beyond the Veil“) by sculptress Patrizia Garavini, – at Fondantico Gallery in Via de’ Pepoli 6/e .


An exhibition not to be missed, created by the artist from Sala Bolognese, where she lives and works in contact with the lower Emilian countryside, surrounded by the plains, the riverbanks and the farmland. And it is the countryside that surrounds her, and more generally the forms of nature, the source of her inspiration: thus trees, fruits, wildlife and the colors of the seasons reappear frequently in her works, in different shapes and colors.

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Leading character of her work is ceramic, often alongside with other materials such as copper, iron, wood, which she uses to produce works by the symbolic forms and signs, that almost compel to silence and attention. Her most used technique is the Raku ceramic, or more simply the coating with oxides and soils.

Her high preparation however allows her to range among the most diverse materials, from large scenographic works to more discrete and high design creations, suitable for furnishing important houses.

patrizia-garavini-aldila-del-velo-028 patrizia-garavini-aldila-del-velo-032

Hands tell

Musical instruments singing with an interior chant
Shaping thought, molding with matter intent and intuition
The matter still suiting us, functioning as a container, still trapping the spirit
The matter-nature as the earth, hidding and revealing herself in her feminine sense
Metals holding up and assimilating, turning into weaves of care and dedication
Old memories, ancient or future journeys, evolutionary spiral reaching the infinity
In order to see beyond the vell.

Patrizia Garavini


Graziano Campanini tells us – Garden in the rain

In Patrizia Garavini’s bright studio, in the contryside of Bologna just before the river banks of Samoggia stream, there is one of her pieces, conceived and created in a unique way. An artwork which all alone includes most part of the author’s artstic world.

Green tears in composed by one hundred and eight “drops”, falling across into a sort of very light case. The drops are all made of copper filaments, “weaved” in order to shape these large reai tears.


Materials are treated with specific acids to become green. Its happens rarely that a single piece could include most part of an artist’s poetry. That is the case and we have to be aware of it. Of course, fot the author or for any observer, the meaning of the entire artwork, or of each single tear, changes person-to-person. However, it is always true that everyone glimpses in an artwork what he or she already knows and looks for answers to his or her own questions.

patrizia-garavini-aldila-del-velo-011For now, let me begin, from my experience and from what the author told me.

In Green tears, each drop carries an entire world, but also, it seems to me, the entire exhibitions. And then, I’m thinking of a drop, containing Curtains with archaic-Greek-Mycenaean drawings, in which their weave and their warp are the result of a learned crossing job of iron and copper filaments. It almost seems that the author, as a new Penelope, got to tell a part of her own private life, comparing it to other lives of the Homeric world.


Another tear contains several Mediterranean Urns, recreated with a learned invention, from furniture to design, achieving finally the artistic work. They are produced by a studied ceramic glaze effect with a high temperature, with white and blue colors, with her expert slim hands, Patrizia reproduces memories, marked by a distant sentimentality, which include what it cannot be lost, not to make the meanings of our “earth” disappear.

patrizia-garavini-aldila-del-velo-008And once again, tears full of happiness, containing a Concert for seventy-two white flowers. Flowers which seem to hover in the air, heavenly even if made of pottery and bright glaze.

Text of Graziano Campanini

Biography of Patrizia Garavini

– Patricia Garavini

patrizia-garavini-aldila-del-velo-046 is born in Forlì, on a 13th August. After the scientific high school diploma and the first working approaches, in 1987 she moves to Bologna. At that time, she collaborates with “Nuova Scena”, cooperative company of theatre production. She is fascinated by the creativity of the first half of the itinerary of a play: set design, lights, voices, music, … a spark shoots out, still hidden by life circumstances. The landscape reveals itself in the studio of the potter Rosa Bagnaresi. The earth, its transformation power, shapes, colors, the time, the fire… years of experimentation and contact with the material to understand its mysteries.

Thanks to the time spent at the studio of the sculptor Nicola Zamboni, the material gains new elements and becomes a chance to tell a story.

Pottery, copper, iron and other materials begin to interact in the mixture of her creative instinct, giving birth to a language with a remote feminine mark, then translated in shapes without time: totemic figures, mother goddesses, trees, warriors, welcome tables, … beside apples, pomegranates, heron, rushes, design of interior furniture, ethnic references, signs and symbols of thounsand-year old cultures.

Since 1997, when she moves to a new house in the suburbs of Bologna, her language has become a strong emotional dialogue with the surrounding natural elements. spaces, silences, transformation of trees, skies and seasons: a deep archaic reserch, turned into matter through the symbolism of the landscape and of its protagonists. During the years, the research of the most figurative elements becomes deeper, and symbolic shapes refine themselves, trying to raise the matter to spirit, lightness, clearness, such as in the crochet stranded with metal filaments. Ariadne’s thread, Penelope’s canvas, care and dedication of the feminine know-how, case of hidden memory.

Since 1997, she has been showing in both collective and personal art exhibitions, she runs pottery training courses in schools and in her own studio. She organizes cultural events, in cooperation with several associations and public authorities.


Aldilà del velo” di Patrizia Garavini | 15 maggio – 6 giugno 2015
– presso Galleria Fondantico in via de’ Pepoli 6/e  tel/fax +39 051 265980

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