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Abruzzo, the 51st Abruzzese Artistic Handicraft Exhibition arrives – Guardiagrele – from 1st to 22nd August 2021

The Ente Mostra dell’Artigianato Artistico Abruzzese born in 1970 in Guardiagrele, reference point of the regional artistic handicraft, in an area rich in ancient traditions, launches this year the 51st edition of the Abruzzese Artistic Handicraft Show Open every day from 1st to 22nd August 2021 – Hours: 10.30 / 12.30 – 15.00 / 22.00Palazzo dell’Artigianato Via Roma, 28, Guardiagrele.

guardiagrele fiera 2021Gold, wrought iron, copper, ceramics, wood, carved stone, bobbin lace work and embroidery are all manufacturing activities that the Ente Mostra not only seeks to preserve and protect in their historical integrity, but also to promote and disseminate thanks to the Center of Excellence of Abruzzese Artistic Handicraft established in 2002 and at the Abruzzo Artistic Handicraft Exhibition that since its inception, the Ente Mostra organizes annually in Guardiagrele (CH).

This exhibition activity has been enriched over time with the establishment of the National Biennial of Goldsmith Art “Nicola da Guardiagrele” and international competitions; experiences, these, which allow Abruzzo craftsmanship to broaden the horizons of knowledge and exchange also at national and international level, to obtain greater driving force, allowing to take care of the transmission of knowledge to the younger generations with greater attention and strengthening the activities training courses with Artistic High Schools and Professional Schools.

You can see the complete program with all the events: By clicking HERE

Furthermore, since last year, the Exhibition Authority has made available to the public and the participating artisans, 2 digital tools, 2 splendid initiatives: a virtual tour of the exhibition that allows the user to visit the rooms dedicated to art.


ed un sistema di E-commerce gestito dall’Ente Mostra per la vendita on-line dei manufatti realizzati dai tantissimi artigiani aderenti. Entrambi tutt’ora attivi, saranno aggiornati con le nuove immagini e le nuove opere successivamente alla conclusione dell’evento. Così da prolungarne virtualmente la durata fino al successivo nel prossimo anno.

Un progetto di digitalizzazione che abbiamo avuto ed abbiamo il piacere di supportare con e che offre un valido aiuto alla promozione dell’artigianato artistico abruzzese, permettendo alla mostra di comunicare anche attraverso i canali più moderni ed offrendo, agli artigiani partecipanti, un canale completamente gestito di vendita internazionale e-commerce!

and an E-commerce system managed by the Exhibition Organization for the online sale of products made by the many participating artisans. Both still active, will be updated with new images and new works after the conclusion of the event. So as to virtually extend its duration until the next one in the next year.

A digitization project that we have had and are pleased to support with and which offers a valid help to the promotion of Abruzzo’s artistic craftsmanship, allowing the exhibition to communicate even through the most modern channels and offering, to the participating artisans, a fully managed international e-commerce sales channel!

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Ente Mostra dell’Artigianato Artistico Abruzzese // 51ª Mostra dell’Artigianato Artistico Abruzzese

Aperta dal 1° al 22 agosto 2020 – Orari di apertura: 10.30-12.30 // 15.00 – 22.00

Luogo: Museo dell’Artigianato Artistico Abruzzese – Via Roma, 28, 66016 Guardiagrele (CH)

Tel fax 0871.83829 // // info[@]

Ig: artigianatoabruzzese // FB: artigianatoabruzzese


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