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Back to Abbiategrasso (MI) “Artistic Artisan Creations … and Flowers” Scheduled for Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March 2022

Exhibition with sales from producers, live demonstrations, educational workshops and entertainment for children, taste areas and tastings. From Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March at the Visconteo Castle in Abbiategrasso (MI) – Creations conceived and created by Artisan Women and Plants and Flowers.

abiategrasso piante e fiori

The event of Artisan Artisan Creations and Flowers returns to Abbiategrasso in its historical date, on the occasion of Women’s Day, after the suspension of 2020 and the movement in summer of 2021, in the magical and scenic setting of the Castle and Piazza Castello in Abbiategrasso (MI ). The Visconti castle will be “flooded” and surrounded by flowers and perfumes, art and artistic craftsmanship and some selected and quality agricultural productions will be present.

Also in this new edition there will be many Artisans with their new creations that embrace numerous professions in the field of art and artistic craftsmanship and various horticulturalists from various regions of Italy. Also present are the areas of taste, represented by agricultural and artisan businesses with owners and women workers with quality products themed with crafts, plants and flowers that will offer tasty tastings and an interesting representation of natural cosmetics producers.

The exhibition “Artistic Artisan Creations and Flowers” ​​is promoted by the cultural and artistic Association Iperbole, with the organizational support of Myriam Vallegra’s doc events, and is sponsored by the Municipality of Abbiategrasso and the Lombardy Region.

“In past years there was a need to enhance and make known entrepreneur women, who of art, tailoring, decoration, goldsmithing, sculpture, ceramics, horticulture, their passions … have done their job “- says Dr. Myriam Vallegra among the creators of the project – now even more we must make all the efforts we can to be able to help them, creating job opportunities, because it is important that every woman can have the opportunity to choose her own profession, to be able to dedicate herself to what she likes to do most, because those who are motivated and love their work, do it in the best possible way. In addition, the need to preserve and spread manual crafts again, to make them known and appreciated by young people and to defend craftsmanship and the true Made in Italy is becoming more and more important “.

“Artisan Artisan Creations and Flowers” brings the world of female craftsmanship closer to the general public and enhances the potential and possibilities of customizing garments and objects, something that only craftsmanship can do. The area dedicated to quality horticulture, in the event, connects the theme of women with that of flowers, as it recalls the fact that on the occasion of Women’s Day – the historic date of the event – flowers are given away.

On display we find nurserymen with aromatic plants, cacti and succulents, annual and perennial plants, unusual and flowering plants. In addition, live demonstrations from painting on fabrics to create original t-shirts with the pattern you want, to the felting technique to create nice objects for the home and much more.

There will be women to represent Handicraft and Agriculture, the cornerstones of Made in Italy, because even in the Agriculture sector, as in the Handicraft one, women have always had and continue to have a great importance, both at organizational level both operational and strategic. Crafts and Agriculture are very important sectors of our economy and we must enhance and promote them with all our strength, they represent our past, present and future history.

Craftsmanship and Agriculture allow customization, production based on customer requests, “tailor-made”, thanks to the skills, quality and skills that artisans and farmers have inherited and assimilated over time, aspects that the great distribution is unable to offer to the public. In addition, there will be interesting areas of taste, with selected products that will offer the public tastings and make known even niche and particular productions. Workshops-meetings on natural cosmetics will also be held on display.

Manifesto_Abbiategrasso_DEF-DEF-RIDIn the event Creazioni Artigiane Artiste there will be educational workshops and nature-themed cooking for children and adults in collaboration with Chiara Baldanzi Food Artist Wow Cuisine during the hours: Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00 and Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00.

Also for children there will be creative workshops and entertainment on the theme of nature and flowers, so that the whole family will encounter interesting aspects in the event.

Curated by Grazia & Max – Animation will be held for children:

– “Creative workshops“ Let’s color with watercolors ”with paper and watercolors“ Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00.

Soap bubbles and clown animation workshops throughout the day

– “Treasure hunt” with compulsory registration

Then there will be the “Make up children and adults” on Saturday and Sunday by Antonella Fate for the holidays.

A contribution is required for educational cooking and creative workshops, treasure hunts and make-up.

Sunday from 15.00 to 17.30 will be held the extraordinary opening of the rooms of the Castle by the Proloco of Abbiategrasso, which will present to the public the frescoed rooms and the tower, some places not normally open, immersing visitors in the history of the ancient inhabitants of the Castle (visit with contribution of 5 € adults, 3 € children 6-12 years, free 0-5 years, 2 adults with child 6-12 years 10 €. Super green pass and mask compulsory).

The demonstration is organized according to the anti-covid security protocols

Castello Visconteo – Abbiategrasso (MI) – Sabato 5 e Domenica 6 Marzo 2022

Free admission – Opening times: Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00

Sito Internet site event Artigiane Artiste e Fiori: www.donneartigiane.it

Pag. FB: Donne artigiane

For information:

Associazione Culturale ed Artistica Iperbole

Tel. 329-8989533 – info@associazioneiperbole.it – www.associazioneiperbole.it

Eventi doc di Myriam Vallegra – Tel. 347-4009542 – info@eventi-doc.it – www.eventi-doc.it


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