UN.I.ARTI. (The Italian Artisans Artists Union) is the first ASSOCIATION formed by expert Artisans Artists of Tradition and Applied Arts, autonomous Italians who intend to represent and protect, within their specific expertise, in every home and in every field all Artists Craftsmen, of Tradition Applied Arts and associates who mainly perform their activities independently and / or home-based.

These are the main OBJECTIVE of the Association:

  • Work towards the recognition of the legal and institutional niche area of ​​Artistic, Traditional and Applied Arts artisanship starting a consequent socio-economic policy;
  • Take action to reduce intellectual unemployment by creating possibilities for the youth with regard to the decision of continuing their education, portrayed as a fallback;
  • Fill the vacant positions with the constant presence of qualified reference, with direct knowledge of the activities of Artistic, Traditional and Applied Arts Craftsmanship, including the mediation of the implementation of training programs.
  • Call the Government to accomplish its fundamental task of protecting and promoting cultural and heritage activities, recognizing the artistic, cultural and demo-anthropological values of this sector which is now lacking adequate protection;
  • Urge the Government to respect the articles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, which is founded on work and not on the industrial entrepreneurship only.
UN.I.ARTI. VS MadeinItalyfor.me

UN.I.ARTI. is a promoter of MadeinItalyfor.me, in addition to its advisory function in the management and organization of events dedicated to craftsmanship. Specifically, the collaborations are aimed at promoting textile aspects of craftsmanship: fabrics, lace and all the various techniques of sewing and embroidery as, for instance, the Sicilian lace bobbin or the Orvieto lace, which, unfortunately is nowadays seriously endangered.



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