Video Maker is a young, dynamic, new and geo-localized social media. A “container” of excellence, authenticity and territorial usage that tells about the area through HD video and interactive maps. Specialized in Video Storytelling, their idea is to create video archives, initially for the city of Bologna, which compose the thematic modules to be included in a website accessible from various terminals such as desktop, laptop, tablet, SmartTV and smartphones. A Container of faces, voices, sounds, colors and traditions, Typical protects the local heritage and culture; it’s the historical memory of the territory, testifies the development and tells about the dialects through the personages that characterize it. The service develops thematic routes: from the notch of wooden marionettes; from the farm to the ice cream parlor, transmitting video content with English subtitles.

Typical.TV VS MadeinItalyfor.me

Typical.TV offers to MadeinItalyfor. its service of video storytelling at discounted prices that allow us to add our web marketing service and promotion in the created video, maintaining competitive prices for the level of quality provided. These videos allow the end user to better understand the work that goes into each handcrafted piece and to learn more about the craftsman, stimulating interaction between the real and the virtual. This type of video, in fact, allow the artisan , as happens in the workshop, to tell their stories, to present their creations and thus to be known a little more than only through the internet and the classical presentations.  (Exclusive service for subscribed artisans, craftsmanship)



e-mail: info@typical.tv // Cell.: +39 329 4946759