Mondo Sardegna

Discover the craftsmanship in Sardinia and the Sardinian artisans- this is the main purpose of the MondoSardegna (Sardinia World in Italian). A blog born in 2012 almost simultaneously with which tells the story of the artisans of Sardinia and their labs to boost the visibility of craftsmen and create new relationships between artisan lovers. Ceramics, Sardinian baskets knives, costumes, jewelry, woodwork, cork, clothing, carpets, textiles and more. In order to valorize the area, the people who are carrying on the traditions that characterize the history of Sardinia must be first valorized and promoted.

Since 2014 MndoSardegna also offers Video Storytelling  with the project #UNPIENODIARTIGIANATO, a process that is carried out every month with a full supply (from Cagliari) and includes stopping in laboratories, in the artisan’s shops and showrooms, discovering the Sardinian excellence.

Mondo Sardegna VS

Mondosardegna is an important partner for, by the management of the artisans of Sardinia using our portal to promote its artisans and sell their products through our e-commerce. It promotes the portal and works closely with the blog, also writing articles on exhibitions, museums, artisans and everything about the artisanship in Sardinia.