eKoodo is the social network that rewards well done work. The bet is to give visibility to those who want to carry out quality work. It is undoubtedly a major challenge since the arena of social networks is crowded and users tend to be very habitual, using platforms that are able to use without exploring new scenarios. A Koodo is a recommendation that the user uses to promote not only the product of labor, but also the person who carries it out.

ekoodo VS MadeinItalyfor.me

eKoodo gives the possibility to our customers as well as to the customers of the artisans, to leave a small review of them on the profile page of MadeinItalyfor.me. This means that you create a chronology and a future buyer may have a further statement about the quality of our artisans and the products they create. By integrating the two services, our craftsmen will be also present in the research, Craft / country, made by the portal ekoodo to maximize the visibility and branding by the craftsman.



e-mail: hello@ekoodo.com