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Anna Venchiarutti, the Lombard master of sewing

Young Lombard dressmaker who inherited the techniques of grandmothers. Anna takes care of the clothes she creates from the paper model to the last finishing.

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Apulia Design, innovation and tradition all in one

Apulia Desing, between modern and tradition. Design 100% made in Apulia, bound tight with nature and hometown’s ambient.

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Fratelli Riso, Lecce and papier-mâché: a successful trio

Claudio Riso and his brothers open a workshop that deals with the processing of papier-mache to strictly follow the traditions of Salento that bind Lecce for centuries to this material, but looking with it to modernity and characters of our times.

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terrenotrie benedetto ferraro

Terrenotrie, the land gives birth to art – Benedetto Ferraro

Terrenotrie is born from a ​​Benedetto Ferraro idea, he is a mix of artisan and artist who is inspired by the land, history and traditions to create ceramic works that go beyond the simple concept of object.

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RobertaGold, the passion shine like a precious jewel

Roberta Gold, a passion for jewel that goes beyond work, it is a lifestyle and a love that will not settle easily.

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La Terra Incantata

La Terra Incantata: between dream and reality

La Terra Incantata has very strong roots in the Apulian territory and in its pottery tradition. The Spagnulo brothers, lovers of their land, draw inspiration by that, but are geared towards innovation and a constant search for new ceramic expressions.

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Master Giuseppe Liberati ceramics art exhibition – April 2 to 16 in Ortona

The works of the Master Giuseppe Liberati will be from April 2 to 16 at the historic Renaissance prestigious halls of the Palazzo Farnese in Ortona (Chieti). You will have here the opportunity to see these creations that blend art and craft, and who carry on the tradition and art of Abruzzo pottery.

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APULIA DESIGN – The charm of Puglia lives again in the timber and through his most famous shapes.

Wood’s furniture symbol of Apulia and local artisan.

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Liberati Ceramiche d’Arte – Experimentation and innovation

Since 1980 Liberati Ceramics merges art and craft carrying on the tradition and art pottery Abruzzo

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Art.Intaglio – Accessories for a Stylish Décor

Art.Intaglio – Complements for the furniture in style since 1964

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