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DELVE, women’s elegance

Evangeline De Sosa is a young and eclectic artisan who has already won MArteLive (2017) and has participated in various events, even though her brand is not even 4 years old!

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DP EMME: virtual, solid & long-lasting

Marco della Pietra has a minimal and essential style that manages to convert perfect in the metal works he did, thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

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Artisans of Nature

A new Made in Italy for Me project: a series of meetings to help our great artisans. In today’s appointment you can find out more about Saybio and Organic Earrings Bijoux.

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AV Metal, the textile art of Sarule engraved in iron

Alessio and Antonello Vilia carry on the family business. Their metal works are rooted in the Sardinian tradition of Sarule.

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Stile d’arredo, the solid wood that bewitch

Pasquale is an artisan who, in his shop, works wood at 360°. His goal is to showcase the heart of wood and create long-lasting products.

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Anna Venchiarutti, the Lombard master of sewing

Young Lombard dressmaker who inherited the techniques of grandmothers. Anna takes care of the clothes she creates from the paper model to the last finishing.

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Vincenzo Mancini, truly “optical” craft bags

Vincenzo is both an artist and a craftsman, master of wood and Optical Art, internationally renowned thanks to his exhibitions in several high profile exhibitions throughout Europe.

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Fabiola Ronconi Atelier, 100% designed and crafted handmade

Fabiola Ronconi lives in Bellaria Igea Marina. In this town on the Adriatic coast she found the frame to express her creativity by creating personally and artisanal garments.

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Arturdesign, a butler for all occasions

In the heart of the Marche there is a workshop dedicated to creating “particular” butlers ready to help you in the everyday life. Their “Geppetto”? Alberto Palmucci and his team.

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Art-i-fizio, “Fabrizio of Syracuse”

The art Fabrizio Salerno (know as “Fizio”) from Syracuse. The accessories Art-i-Fizio are unique objects in metal (silver, copper, brass and nickel) born from the alchemy between transformation and the wonder of the unknown.

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