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The ancient art of the stonemason – worthless sculptors or misunderstood masters?

The stonemason is a fascinating and hard form of craft, which for centuries has been denigrated or considered inferior by other forms of art. Despite all this the masters of the stonemason have persevered and now is one of the few processes that has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. Sign that was a perfect […]

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The evolution of ceramics processing in human history

The evolution of pottery from prehistoric times to the present day

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Leather – a Key Resource for Craftsmanship in Italy

The leather was one of the first materials that man has learned to work and to use.

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The Wood a “friend” of man

The man has always been able to use, with more or less advanced techniques, the timber is as an energy source and as a starting material for the production of goods.

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The Ancient Art of Wrought Iron

The evolution of man is marked by learning the necessary secrets for the use of this metal.

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The Ancient and Noble Art of Silk

The production of silk is an ancient art that developed in parallel to our civilization.

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A “pool” for man, the pewter

Processing Pewter accompanied the progress of civilization, enriching its technological without losing its characteristics.

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The “Pietra Leccese” and Craftsmanship

Since the Middle Ages, architects and sculptors, were recalled by the beauty and flexibility of local stone.

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Olive Tree and Craftsmanship

Always a great resource, the olive tree in the history, art and craft.

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Foulard modello Funghi

“Giardini di seta – Vittorio Accornero per Gucci” La Mostra

Vittorio Accornero de Head is one of the signatures of the first floor of Italian illustration of the twentieth century. Was invited to work with Gucci in 1960 by Rodolfo Gucci, son of the founder of the company.

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