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Ceramiche Santalucia, between Andalusia and Abruzzo

Michele Santalucia walk between two distant but close worlds. He work and decorate porcelain with a 10+ years skill creating true piece of art and objects with inimitable design.

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Massimo Ripa, “touchable” jewels

Massimo Ripa, a goldsmith from Marche (an Italian region), wants to uproot one of the cornerstones of Italian culture: art are destined to live in dusty cases to be observed but don’t touch. Massimo’s jewels are instead made to be looked and touched at the same time!

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Giorgia Castignoli, our surrealist sculptor

Giorgia born in Piacenza. A master of the art of restoration which now creates unique artistic pieces in “unusual” materials.

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iftawards 1

Italian Fashion Talent Awards 2018: the 3rd edition of the contest is coming!

The nominations for the IFTAWARD contest are officially open, to select the best 100 young aspiring stylists and designers from all over Italy, and they will take place in Salerno from 22 to 25 November 2018

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Fabiola Ronconi Atelier, 100% designed and crafted handmade

Fabiola Ronconi lives in Bellaria Igea Marina. In this town on the Adriatic coast she found the frame to express her creativity by creating personally and artisanal garments.

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Arturdesign, a butler for all occasions

In the heart of the Marche there is a workshop dedicated to creating “particular” butlers ready to help you in the everyday life. Their “Geppetto”? Alberto Palmucci and his team.

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Banner Homi sett 2018

HOMI 2018: satellites, special areas and opportunities

Did you have doubts or did you want more information about the satellites of HOMI? This is the article for you!

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(Italiano) Dal nostro esordio nel 2012 con il Blog di, alla nostra attività di oggi, di passi avanti ne abbiamo fatti davvero tanti, tanto lavoro, passione e soddisfazioni che abbiamo pensato di raccontarvi con un articolo blog mensile.

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Art-i-fizio, “Fabrizio of Syracuse”

The art Fabrizio Salerno (know as “Fizio”) from Syracuse. The accessories Art-i-Fizio are unique objects in metal (silver, copper, brass and nickel) born from the alchemy between transformation and the wonder of the unknown.

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Homi settembre 2018

HOMI 2018, everything you need to know about the September edition

HOMi is back from 14th to 17th September 2018 at Fiera Milano (Rho) and its promises to be more interesting than ever!

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