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laboratorio head Gabriele Pici lecce

Gabriele Pici: design in the name of tradition and innovation

Gabriele Pici, a craftsman born in Salento, began his career twenty years ago, when he learned to use his first chisel, thanks to the master and sculptor Renzo Buttazzo. We at have known Gabriele for several years. We felt immediately in love with his creations and wanted him with us already in the first […]

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Microstudio_design Pescara

Microstudio: a young and creative idea of self-produced design

Microstudio is a self-produced design brand that originated in 2011 in Pescara, from an idea of the young architect Fabrizio Susi.

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marta driusso llamancina 3

Marta Driusso, from the Academy of Fine Arts to the conception of CeramicPaper for the creation of unique jewels

Marta Driusso, a young artist from Portogruaro, only 30 years old but has already created a material egg, the CeramicPaper, with which she creates splendid fashion accessories, shiny, waterproof, resistant and very light.

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Artecornicidesign, “From Belarus with love”

Artecornicidesign atelier, art gallery and artisan workshop dedicated to creating original frames and furnishing accessories. “From Belarus with love”.

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Organic Earrings Bijoux, jewels created from Tuscan nature

Natural jewels designed to highlight nature. Designed and built by Daniela, a young girl from Pontedera who took part at “Artigianato e Palazzo” in 2017.

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Saybio, passion and beauty from the Florentine hills

Natural and organic beauty products from the heart of Florence, designed for the modern woman who cares about her person’s care as much as nature.

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Petram, ancient art of the stonemason in Bagheria

“Petram” is a brand that signs the agreement between the ancient stonecutters and modern technologies. Restoration and processing of marble, today as how it was in the past, to guarantee quality and fine details.

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MARI Lz pelletteria catania

A Sicilian leather goods born from passion and family experience: Mari L.Z.

Sicilian leather goods with traditional and modern style. The models are both vibrant, with bright colors, and practical/durable, perfect for keeping your things save with style.

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Lavorazione Artigianale Salsano, experience and professionalism in the manufacturing and restoration of metal objects

Giuseppe Salsano offers experience and professionalism in the processing and restoration of objects in brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze. An activity, that of Giuseppe, artisanal and artistic located in the province of Salerno.

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Adriano Concas, true passion always wins

Adriano Concas in his workshop deals with copper processing, rediscovering Sardinian ancient tools and traditions.

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