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finale artigianato lazio martelive Lucrezia Piscopo

Interview with Lucrezia Piscopo for Lucrezia Piscopo Art, winning project of the Lazio regional final MarteLive 2021, crafts section

During the pandemic I started painting again trying to communicate that sense of nostalgia and calm that the sea inspires in me, which perhaps others, like me, needed.

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finale artigianato lazio martelive rezzi gioielli

Interview with Federica Rezzi for Federica Rezzi Gioielli, winning project of the Lazio regional final MarteLive 2021, crafts section

I design and make jewelry always starting from an emotion or an image and I let them represent me, creating in their diversity a meeting point in my style.

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Interview with Alessandra Cedri of Lalepap, the winning project of the fashion section, in the Lazio regional final of MarteLive 2021

I work with fabrics but I can hardly define myself as a seamstress: I prefer a piece of clothing to deconstruct, to a piece of fabric with which to build something.

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Doll Dresses – by the artist Fabio Guerra, wins the best work prize of the XXVIII Contemporary Ceramic Competition

Doll Dresses by the artist Fabio Guerra (Thiene, Vicenza, 1962) wins the prize as the best work of the XXVIII Contemporary Ceramics Competition

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Mocha Split – The new Meraky collection eco-banana leather

Emilia Paolicelli and Rosaria Marraffino creators, designers and artisans of Meraky design, launch a new collection of handcrafted and eco-sustainable women’s bags: Mocha Split.

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F.lli spagnulo la terra incantata grotaglie ta

The beautiful works of Klimt on the ceramic eggs of La Terra incantata

A special series of hand-decorated ceramic eggs with the works of Klimt, artistic proposal of the Spagnulo brothers of La Terra Incantata, of Grottaglie (TA).

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Elevazione_   Sovrapossizioni Valentina Musiu

Valentina Musiu and VALEgnameria, art and craftsmanship in a dynamic and colorful mix

Valentina Musiu, winner in the crafts section of MarteLive 2020, is a concentrate of energy, stubbornness, creativity and talent. From building restorer to wood craftsman, the story of Valentina and the VALEgnameria.

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head-laboratorio-lunamante artp

Lunamante Goldsmith workshop, the Covid not stop creativity

A goldsmith workshop in the heart of Sanremo, in Liguria, which was born from the passion of Emanuele Cannoletta in 2019 and today, despite the many restrictions, it does not stop creating unique and beautiful works.

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la terra incantata grottaglie spagnulo

The beauty of Apulian ceramics among olive trees, pumi and klimtian transpositions – La Terra Incantata

Olive trees, roosters, owls, pumi, Klimtian transpositions on ceramics, but also very original favors and important artistic projects. This and much more is what we find in Grottaglie (TA), in the heart of Puglia, from an idea of two ceramic brothers, Donatello and Gianni Spagnulo who create and decorate unique and colorful ceramics.

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Creazioni Satodà – Sardinian craftsmanship in the name of the traditions

Creazioni Satodà was born from the passion for craftsmanship, the works designed and drawn by hand and from the great love of Sandro Cadinu for the family, which led him, in 1997, to start his artisan business in Mamoiada, Sardinia.

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