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Fabio Porliod and Delve jewelry art, the winners of the Biennale MArteLive

The Biennale MArteLive Biennial 2018 edition has officially begun with the CALL FOR ARTIST which allows free entry to the competition for young emerging artists in 16 different disciplines: music, theater, dance, circus art, cinema, video, video art, deejing, literature, street art, painting, photography, sculpture, illustration, fashion & recycling, artistic craftsmanship.

MArteLive, for those who do not know it, is the first Italian multidisciplinary festival that since 2001 selects and launches the best talents of the national contemporary scene, awarding over 100 awards each year between production and management contracts, workshops and free residences, press coverage and visibility, engagements and participations in festivals and events excluded.

concorso martelive - sezione artigianato artistico

In the last Biennale MarteLive 2017, which ended at December in Rome, participated as partners and judges of the Artistic Crafts and Fashion section. We have admired the creations of the artisans and designers who have reached the final and give each one a vote. Our vote added to that of the other judges has decreed the winners of the 2017 edition of the Biennale MArteLive, which are for the fashion section Fabio Porliod and for the artistic crafts section Delve jewelry art.

As a wish to the new artisans and designers who will decide to take part in the 2018 MArteLive Biennale and for the many Artistic Fashion and Craft enthusiasts we want to introduce you to the 2017 winners and we are sure you will appreciate them.

Here are the Biennale MarteLive winners of the 2017 Fashion and Artistic Crafts section:


Fabio Porliod is a young emerging designer from Valle d’Aosta who creates elegant evening dresses for women.

The working of paper patterns, the art of cutting fabrics, basting and the packaging of clothes are his daily bread since childhood. Fabio Porliod, in fact, inherited the passion and sensitivity for sartorial art from his grandparents – Arturo and Régine – who in the 60s managed an important and sought after Sartorial Fashion Atelier in Paris.

The creation of a dress represents for Fabio Porliod a real lifestyle that leads him to take care of every stage of the realization: from the creation of the draft to the finishing touches. The play of transparencies of lace, silks and chiffon that glide on the body as if they were part of this are the hallmark of his creations. While, the constant color contrast “White / Black” makes its creation of sophisticated sophistication and that is why it was awarded during the MArteLive competition.

Delve jewelry art made by Evangeline de Sosa

Delve jewelry art is a brand of independent made by Evangeline de Sosa that represents her eclectic spirit turned to the goldsmith’s art and to the art.

The story of the birth of the Delve jewelry art brand is the result of Evangeline de Sosa training and personal development, an artisan who was born and grew up in the Philippines and obtained a degree in nursing from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. The passion for art and fashion became more and more important in her life when she met and started the courses of Carla Campea – painter, sculptor and teacher of lost wax for the creation of jewelry. A course that allowed her to immediately show her jewels at the 99 arts, in the gallery “Tevere Art Gallery” and “Elsa Morante“. From this moment on the Delve Jewelery art jewelery brand was officially born and we enjoyed it during the MarteLive edition of December 2017.

As we said, the strength of Evangeline De Sosa is to transfer elements of her life path (formative and personal) in her particular collections. In fact, her jewels combine her knowledge of the anatomy of the human body with the refinement of the lost wax technique.

In particular, the collection that we were able to admire as special judges of the MarteLive competition is inspired by Art Nouvau, choosing Nature as her muse with its floral nuances. Furthermore, the contemporary style of its goielli is given by the use of geometric shapes as a representation of the female body and of the animal world. This work of inspiration and technique is associated with a study and research of the material that distinguishes the know-how of Evangeline de Sosa. A research that is so strong in the creation of every jewel to be included  “Delve” that in English indicates an “acerbia ricerca” in the name of her artistic craft jewelry brand.

Here some of Delve jewelry art

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