Vito Gurrado


A versatile artist

Vito Gurrado was born in Bari in 1979 and since 1993 he actively participates in national and international exhibitions, obtaining significant awards and positive consensus from militant critics.

Sculptor, painter, designer and goldsmith, he doesn’t want to be placed in any artistic movement, believing that art, in its purest sense of the term, shouldn’t be bounded or conveyed in any “labeling”.

Many of his works are part of important collections of real/private and museums throughout Italy; others are exhibited in Switzerland, France, England, Oman, Greece, Croatia and Albania, where his monumental work, “We are”, is situated in the Castle of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The production of the Master Vito Gurrado has always been object of study, research, surveys and reviews by researchers, intellectuals, officials, journalists, philosophers, members of parliament and art critics in numerous catalogs, newspapers, magazines and international encyclopedic dictionaries of modern and contemporary art.

For years his official market quotations, also validated by well-known critics and art experts, are in large rise also overseas by placing his works increasingly as real object of investment.


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A multifaceted artist’s exhibition in Bari –The Master Vito GurradoUn artista poliedrico in mostra a Bari - Il Maestro Vito Gurrado

Vito Gurrado is a versatile artist, sculptor, painter, interior designer but also sought after jewelry designer of acclaimed international reputation.Vito Gurrado è un artista poliedrico, scultore, pittore, interior designer ma anche ricercato jewelry designer di conclamata fama internazionale.

At the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest, the Art of the Master Vito GurradoAl Four Seasons Hotel di Budapest, l'Arte del Maestro Vito Gurrado

"Pirates", pictorial work of Maestro Vito Gurrado, is now permanently exhibited at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest. “Pirates”, opera pittorica del Maestro Vito Gurrado, è ora permanentemente esposta nel lussuoso Four Seasons Hotel di Budapest.
Arte Milano Teatro dal Verme

First international art prize, Milan, Teatro dal VermePrimo premio internazionale arte Milano - Teatro dal Verme

Primo premio internazionale arte Milano, 25 luglio Teatro dal Verme Milano, Un riconoscimento unico nel suo genere, un autentico rave culturale che vedrà protagonisti una limitata selezione di artisti internazionali.