by Valentina Musiu

Young artisan, expert in restoration and woodworking, Valentina, was born in Sardinia in 1980. Always attracted by the world of art in all its forms, she graduated as a commercial technician in her beautiful island which she soon left, to the “continent”, determined to follow up on her artistic ambitions. Thus began a long pilgrimage between Turin, Venice and Belfast that led her to learn and experience the art of comics and restoration, construction, painting and wood.

In 2015 he settled in Bologna, where he decided to perfect his skills in woodworking, going “to the shop” in a carpentry shop and also undertaking didactic and training activities for the same. A concrete and beautiful experience that offers Valentina the latest ideas and useful tools to define her personal business project that actually comes to life in that year, starting from the recovery of the carpentry waste.

The idea is to give depth to the images through small portions of wood, composing colorful three-dimensional paintings.

Different layers of wood create angular and geometric shapes, structured in levels, which offer plays of light and modify their appearance according to the point of view of the observer. The initial image, enriched with new shadows and perspectives, therefore seems to emerge from the wood and overlook the world. The final result, sometimes surreal and not very ordinary, is a three-dimensional product, adaptable to both objects and furnishing accessories.

The project takes shape quickly and Valentina decides to return home, to Sardinia, to transform her grandparents’ cellar, abandoned for years, into the new laboratory, thus giving life to the Velegnameria: a small laboratory with a decisive and easily recognizable style with creations that range from from Sardinian art, to characters of literature, cinema and music and able to create very special portraits on commission. But by now you will have understood it too, nobody stops Valentina, a volcano of creativity and always looking for identity and experimentation. In 2017, in fact, she decides to move to Rome, where she shares a workshop with other artisans, working in the capital in the colder months and taking care the laboratory in Sardinia, in the warmest and most touristic ones.

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