by Benedetto Ferraro

Benedetto Ferraro was born on July 9, 1983 in Maratea (PZ). He attended studies at the State Art Institute of Cetraro (CS), graduating as a Master of Art in 2003, with a specialization in the art of ceramics. Immediately after the studies he had his very first working experience as lecturer in a pottery class for the detainees of the Paola Circondarial Prison.

In 2009 he became the owner of a small laboratory named Terrenotrie, in Tortora Marina (CS) where he experiments, researches and creates. He begins to realize his art towards ceramics, where every new piece is a dowel of his personal journey. Its art takes shape through clay, art that has seen over the years a steady evolutionary growth. The name itself, Terrenotrie (dialectal word for “land of ours”), shows this strong attachment to its land. The roots well anchored in the history of its people will be the inspiration and the beginning of his artistic journey.

At the same time he confronts himself with other young ceramists and industry experts, thanks to the active participation to exhibitions, awards, events, fairs and festivals that have contributed greatly to the practical knowledge of techniques and methods of ancient pottery cooking. He has worked as ceramist for various training courses in various territorial projects for promotion and knowledge.

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– 2000 – Guardi Piemontese – CS – ceramic water tank “Sacred Art”

– 2000 – Piemontese Guard – CS – Jubilee logo implementation

– 2001 – Praia a Mare – CS – young artists collective “Figura o Astrattismo”

– 2002 – Stage in collaboration with “Scuola d’arte e Mestieri” of Vicenza at the company, Ceramic VBC Nove (Vi)

– 2003 – Maierà – CS – Participation in the event “Ceramica viva”.

– 2004 – Ceramic course – Paola district house – Project Calabria region

– 2009 – Ceramic course for children Municipal Museum of Praia a Mare

– 2011 – Collective art exhibition “Who Where When the Art” museum Praia a Mare

– 2011 – Aieta – CS – photographic exhibition “Water, Earth, Fire, Air”

– 2012 – Albissola – SV – 8th International Exhibition Albissola City of Art and Ceramics

– 2012 – Cosenza – Nonfermarti 24 hour creative show

– 2012 – Praia a Mare – contemporary art exhibition “L’essenza”, Museo Praia a Mare

– 2013 – Art Exhibition “CEDRI RIVEDERIA”

– 2013 – GAI “Lucania land border award” 2012/2013 – Matera

– 2013 – Ceramic Market Show – Appignano – Macerata

– 2014 – Exhibition – Ceramics. History of an Art – Museum of Arts and Crafts – Cosenza

– 2014 – Ceramic Festival Participation – Sorrento – (Race of Raku)

– 2014 – Benevento First Biennial 3rd Class

– 2014 – Mediterranean Ceramic Competition – Grottaglie

– 2014 – Maratea Art Gallery – Maratea (PZ) – (event created by Benedetto with the collaboration of Sara Trimpoli)

– 2014 – Ceramic Market Show – Appignano – Macerata

– 2014 – Itinerary Show: Forms of the Argilla

GNC – Palazzo Arnone – Cosenza

Palazzo Sanseverino – Acre

Palace of Culture – Rossano

Ducal Castle – Corigliano

– 2014 – Ceramica Viva – Maierà (CS)

– 2017 – San Nicola Art Gallery – San Niccolo Arcella (CS) – (event created by Benedetto with the collaboration of Sara Trimpoli)

– 2017 – Tortora – CS – “Terrenotrie Ceramic Festival”, 1st edition at the Museum of Bland, created to rediscover the traditions of the territory of the ancient Blanda (today Tortora), which is among the richest and most important in Calabria Ceramic exhibits kept in the local archaeological museum.

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terrenotrie benedetto ferraro

Terrenotrie, the land gives birth to art - Benedetto FerraroTerrenotrie, dalla terra nasce l'arte - Benedetto Ferraro

Terrenotrie is born from a ​​Benedetto Ferraro idea, he is a mix of artisan and artist who is inspired by the land, history and traditions to create ceramic works that go beyond the simple concept of object.Terrenotrie nasce da un'idea di Benedetto Ferraro, un mix tra artigiano e artista che si ispira alla terra, alla storia e alle tradizioni, per creare opere in ceramica che vanno oltre il semplice concetto di oggetto.