Stefania Parisini Atelier


by Stefania Parisini

Stefania Parisini Atelier isn’t just a brand, it’s a true lifestyle. Its primary objective is revive the concept of tailoring as something to make every woman feel good, with herself and with others, thanks to a garment that represents her at best. The idea is to propose models that aim to enhance the unique characteristics of each customer, following personal tastes but also tendencies and influences.

Stefania Parisini Atelier is a tailor shop that deals with women’s clothing custom-made, located on the outskirts of Milan, one of the most prestigious frames for the fashion industry, both in Italy and worldwide. Her decades of experience in the fields of history and theatre gives her an edge more. From these two elements Stefania, designer and owner, has learned to extrapolate the idea of ​​beauty and she has acquired the ability to adapt clothes to social changes and grasped the importance of clothing as a status symbol.

Stefania Parisini Atelier fits perfectly in this context, thanks mainly to the extreme attention given to every single customer who enters the atelier, and thanks to the quality and care for detail, without forgetting that everything – of course – is made in Italy. Made in Italy by Stefania Parisini Atelier means pure love for what Italy has always done: the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. The fabrics they use are always of the highest quality because they want that unique smooth feeling on the skin that only top fabrics can give.

The Atelier has always cared about environmental impact, that’s why they use suppliers from their areas. Another of their choices is to create accessories that come from the desire to not waste fabrics. Speaking of the highest quality materials, waste damage would be both environmental and economic. Using even the last piece of fabric really reduces waste. The packaging is very elegant and absolutely carbon free or recycled paper shoppers.

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