by Valentina Lolini

Valentina always loved nature. Love for plants and wild herbs fascinated her since she was very young, being born and raised in Tuscany, surrounded by the green of the Tuscan hills. And this is just the inspiration for her to set up not just a business, but a true help for those modern women always running between home, work, gym and other activities, but who want to look the best and most elegant anyway, taking care of their look.

She has thus thought of a handmade and natural product, made for those women who have little time to devote to themselves but who always want to look the best, smart and elegant. Appearance is important today, and not just for vanity: feeling good with yourself means also being better off with others, and tackling your days better.

Here comes Saybio, that acts with the heart and brings forth a dream: to give small and unexpected moments of joy to yourself, to share with others as well. So, with the desire to create natural, useful and conscious cosmetics, that look good and do good too, elegant and genuine, Valentina selects only ingredients of the highest quality and safe efficacy. Behind every product there are many hours of study, both in the choice of raw materials, strictly natural, as well as in plant properties and their combinations, to formulate more and more refined recipes, designed for specific needs. Saybio today, without betraying the original principles, combines craftsmanship with the latest technologies to get highly effective and modern products, working closely with skin experts, formulators and cosmetologists for further safety and professionalism. Each formula is designed to give maximum benefits with the smallest amount of ingredients, combining specific active cosmetics with a pleasing and “sensory” application.

Certainly all the products are without preservatives or artificial colorings, and are only scented with essential oils to get the most naturalness possible, and avoid any possible skin discomfort. In the formulation of their cosmetic products, Saybio, as it is said, is inspired by nature, with passion and creativity. The idea is always to focus on the constant pursuit of excellence and to be totally in the service of beauty. Nature alone provides us with everything we need for the care of our skin. Saybio therefore merely “encapsulates nature in a jar“, to be able to share it with others, but with an eye to artisan quality and craftsmanship, we should not forget, because these are the things that make something unique and special, just like these products coming from nature.

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Saybio, passion and beauty from the Florentine hillsSaybio, passione e bellezza dalle colline fiorentine

Natural and organic beauty products from the heart of Florence, designed for the modern woman who cares about her person's care as much as nature.Prodotti di bellezza naturali e biologici dal cuore di Firenze, pensati per la donna moderna attenta alla cura della sua persona tanto quanto alla natura.