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by Giuseppe Salsano

The center for artisanal working steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze by Giuseppe Salsano, is an artisanal and artistic reality in the province of Salerno.

Giuseppe, fascinated since he was a child by the works of his father, one of the first ones – during the Eighties – devoted to brass, copper, bronze and stainless steel working, decided as well to undertake that same craft, and started his own enterprise in a small laboratory of just 35 square meters in the center of Cava de’ Tirreni. Commissions started immediately and in large number, some very important, so that in 2005 he decided to move to a new laboratory, much bigger than the first one (120 square meters).

His creations are getting  more and more appreciated. In them you can see the love and passion for the millennial art of metal working: in his hands these metals become unique and original works, highly refined. Guided by the certainty that every creation must aim to Excellence, he dedicates the largest part of time taking care of details, with great mastery and competence. He skilfully succeeds in hiding the weld joints, making them almost invisible, and in performing with utmost perfection every commissioned work.

It’s his way to get things done. Perfection is his ambition. And he is proud of it. But, above all, with his works he wants to offer the most impeccable service to his customers. The entire construction process takes place in the laboratory.

  • Development and cutting of each piece of the object;
  • Assembly, that can be made soldering (tig of oxy-fuel) or slotting the single pieces (so that the entire object can be unscrewed and dismantled);
  • Finishing of the object: polished, glazed or bronzed, according to customer preferences.

Beyond making practical objects for everyday use, Giuseppe creates also furnitures, luxury items and project works. His is a business one of a kind, that can find its application in almost every sector. Always more often other professionals turn to him needing realizations of particular pieces made to order: from upholsterer asking for special brass rods for curtains or a base of a sofa in polished brass, to parquet carpenter needing a custom staff bead, or even the restorer of antique furniture when it comes to restoring beds or antique brass lamps, or reproduce the handles of an antique chest of drawers on the sample of an existing one, the electrician for the realization of particular lamps, and even the carpenter for the realization of custom or decorated coatings and hoods, and many more.

Some examples

Street furniture for Battipaglia (Salerno) – 2007

Among his most important works there is surely the street furniture for the city of Battipaglia (Salerno) made of brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. He has achieved what can be called true masterpieces of contemporary art. Lamps, light poles, handrails, a kiosk, aerators, baskets, all made by project; unique pieces of great value, that adorn the square next to the City. Each construction was performed piece by piece, cut, machined and shaped. The cylindrical lamps, not easy to produce, demonstrate the skill and talent typical only of those who work with passion and dedication.

Street furniture for the city of Montecorvino Pugliano (Salerno) – 2009

Of the same importance and beauty is the street furniture executed in the town of Montecorvino Pugliano (SA). There were made special light poles and lamp-shaped lantern.

The lamp, made upon architectural design, was built in natural copper, shaped piece by piece and riveted with stainless steel rivets on stainless steel base. Even the light poles have a design one of a kind. On a turned stainless steel and marble basement lays the steel pole, coated in riveted copper with grooves coated with natural copper inlays.

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Lavorazione Artigianale Salsano, experience and professionalism in the manufacturing and restoration of metal objectsLavorazione Artigianale Salsano, esperienza e professionalità nella lavorazione e nel restauro di oggetti in metallo

Giuseppe Salsano offers experience and professionalism in the processing and restoration of objects in brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze. An activity, that of Giuseppe, artisanal and artistic located in the province of Salerno.Giuseppe Salsano offre esperienza e professionalità nella lavorazione e nel restauro di oggetti in ottone, rame, acciaio inox e bronzo. Un'attività, quella di Giuseppe, artigianale e artistica sita nella provincia di Salerno.