Roberta Risolo Art Jewels


by Roberta Risolo

Roberta (1983) lives and works in her beloved city: Otranto. After the graduation at the “Nino Della Notte” school, her interest for goldsmith pushed her to Vicenza, where she attended courses of specialization and where she worked for prestigious companies. Enriched by this experience she returned to her homeland to help the territory with her art.

Roberta’s works are greatly influenced by her origins: you can easily see the influence of Salento’s culture in the materials (like Lecce stone and olive wood) and in the elements represented. Over the years, success led her to be present in numerous catalogs and publications, as well as participating in several collective and personal exhibitions in Italy or not.

In 2013 she has created the commemorative medals for the Canonization of Martyrs of Otranto. In 2015 she inaugurated her own first showroom, near the Castello Aragonese (Otranto) and in 2016 she opened her “Atelier Roberta Risolo Art Jewels” at Porta Terra, in the heart of Otranto. Also, since 2014, Roberta is the teacher of the goldsmith design course at the Academy of Fashion “R. Calcagnile”.

In 2017 Roberta was invited to participate in the exhibition “Klimt Experience” at the MUDEC (Museum of Cultures of Milan), where you could admire and buy some of her works inspired by the Viennese artist.