di Marco Duranti

Ristart is a young brand born in 2015 in the beautiful Rome. It’s a Made in Italy brand, supported and maintained by a single young designer/artist: Marco Duranti, who aims to create something unique thanks to his innate creativity and ambition.

Ristart is just an evolution of a passion Marco has brought from early ages. The “Ristart” brand was born to gather together all the products and works that Marco under one name. The mission of this brand is to reinterpret the material, this is why recycled materials is a must. Marco give new life to wood, glass and so on, he give a new function to this object sometimes in unpredictable ways because it is the result of a creative twist of the moment. Marco is committed every day to create unique and non-trivial furnishing solutions.

Each product created by this craftsman is designed to make even the most fussy buyers happy: each piece is customizable on request or custom made. The Ristart production is nothing more than the summary of a series of reasoning and thoughts that Marco makes every time he found something for which he feels the impulse to reinterpret it. The material is chosen according to the final product and the result is none other than one of the possible combinations.

Marco divides his products among pieces of furniture (reproducible but freely customizable) and artistic pieces that are unique. Marco is very versatile and he had already done furnishing objects both for interiors and exteriors, small and large, so there is nothing that can scare this young craftsman.