Punto Soave


by Nicola Mascarello and Tomas Bordignon

Punto Soave is the encounter between manufacturing design and culinary tradition: the aim is to design and to produce the right dress for each recipe, through the local craftmen abilities.

This is why we love to call ourseleves the tailors of taste!

Punto Soave puts itself as a design reality that opens the doors towards multiple horizons, grouping the creativity of two Bassano designers: Tomas Filippo Bordignon & Nicola Mascarello.

Nicola Mascarello born in Marostica on the 28th of April 1986 and graduated from the Hotelier Institute of Castelfranco Veneto.

He applied his passion and studies to different realities: his career develops from the restaurant experience all over the italian territory, such as to the “Del Cambio” in Torino, the hotel “Cala di Volpe” in Sardegna or the “Gran Hotel Duchi D’Aosta” in Trieste. At the same time he pursues his studies refining his technique attending a sommelier course in AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and a Maître course in AMIRA (Restaurants and Hotels Maîtres Association) and working in “La Gana” in Alta Badia. Subsequently he reaches starred restaurants such as “El Coq” in Marano Vicentino or “Siriola” in San Cassiano.

Tomas Bordignon born in Marostica (VI) on the 17th of December 1985. After a first education scientific technology, he studied industrial design in IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan, where he lived for three years. Once graduated he began to work in Italy as a freelancer in the  field of design and collaborating with different companies in the most varied design fields such as light, furniture and bathroom design. Later he moved to Dublin-Ireland, where he acquired new experience in product design until he returned to Italy to attend and to obtain a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in CUOA leading as a CEO in an engeneeirng company in Treviso.

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