by Francesco Paolo Scaduto

In Bagheria, a small town near Palermo (Sicily), better known as the City of Villas, there is the handicraft company of Francesco Paolo Scaduto, Petram, a new denomination for the yet existing Ancient Art of the Scalpellino, created by his father, Vincenzo Scaduto, around 1960. A well-established experience for a craft, that of a stonecutter, that is one of the oldest job in our culture, and holds all the secrets that can turn a stone into an artwork.

Petram is thus rooted in history and tradition, still using the ancient manual technique handed down by the old masters today, in many cases. At the same time, however, it represents the evolution of the category, thanks to its continuous investment in technology: the systems have been modernized over the years, using also digital and innovative machineries (5 axis CNC technology, 3D lathe and 3D scanning) and extending the activity also to the field of restoration, for which it is now in the forefront of the industry, always ensuring an innovative product of excellent and constant quality.

As a main activity, Petram is currently working on fireplaces, fountains, capitals, portals and sculptures, realized through the support of professional softwares as Autocad, and thanks to the collaboration with sculptor Vincenzo Scaduto (graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo in ornamental decorations and furnishings in general) for realization. Everything is always aimed at customer satisfaction, to fulfill its desires and needs, keeping the art of good taste alive. In addition to this, Francesco Paolo has combined the production of unique and beautiful stone decorative objects, made to enhance and bring the beauty of this material into the houses of those who buy them, even with the collaboration of famous Italian designers.

Among the restoration experiences, Petram boasts: the parapet of Villa Valguarnera, in Bagheria, the Mensola of Villa San Cataldo, always in Bagheria, the Vasotti e pinnacoli of Porta Carini located in Palermo, Balaustrade and restoration of marble benches carved by hand at Villa Palermo trails, Catalan windows, arches with decorations, columns etc at the cloister of Sant’Anna in Palermo, Architrave at San Francesco Saverio in Palermo, Portal in solid Billiemi marble at Palazzo Petix in Palermo, Pinnacoli at the Monastery of the Benedictine sites in Catania, and still the Chinese Palazzina in Palermo, the Fountain of Dragons in Monreale (PA), and many more.

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Petram, ancient art of the stonemason in BagheriaPetram, l'antica arte dello scalpellino di Bagheria

"Petram" is a brand that signs the agreement between the ancient stonecutters and modern technologies. Restoration and processing of marble, today as how it was in the past, to guarantee quality and fine details."Petram" un marchio che sigla l'accordo tra gli antichi scalpellini e le moderne tecnologie. Restauri e lavorazione del marmo, allora come oggi, per garantirvi qualità e dettagli finissimi.