by Elisabeth Occhi

Elisabeth Occhi began her career very young. In the early 90s she studied under the guidance of Biavati, Camerani, Pellizola, and Guidi (at “Dosso Dossi” an art school in Ferrara); the desire to experiment and represent her particular vision of the world through the element of earth, thus developing over the years a unique alchemy that combines: form, color, and irony.

Together with four friends, in 1998 she inaugurated the ceramic workshop “Officina delle Streghe (Witch’s Workshop)” and she participates in various exhibition spread throughout Italy and abroad. In 2005 Elisabeth created “Pachamama, Ceramics Workshop”. Pachamama is the Goddess of the earth, agriculture, and fertility of Aymara and Quechua culture (in the Quechua language “Pachamama” is translatable as “Mother Earth”), a perfect name for this craftswoman.

Elisabeth begins to develop new techniques and with them she tries new emotions, creating a continuous cycle that renews her creativity. Her laboratory is exactly that: a breath of fresh air that rests, however, an ancient art. Elisabeth’s creations are functional and, at the same time, decorative objects with funny shapes born from the immense imagination of this artist.

Elisabeth takes care of every single piece from start to finish: she design, decorate and cook it in ovens at the highest temperature (over 1200 °C); for this reason, Pachamama is able to create a custom made object that respect even the smallest detail desired by the client.