Nella Terra del Cuoio


by Felice Gadaleta

The workshop of Felice Gadaleta, Apulian craftsman who for more than thirty years worked leather and hides completely by hand to make bags, sandals, accessories and other craft items, characterized by a simple, practical and functional design, while maintaining elegance, originality and style.

His productions for Harley Davidson are well known in the world of custom motorcycles, and have won several important prizes and awards in recent years.
Many of his lines are actually inspired by country-and-western, and so it is his shop in the main street of Martina Franca, in the province of Taranto.

You can be sure that his artifacts will stand the test of time, as Felice pays very much attention to all the points of his leather goods that are easily perishable.

He offers also small customizations on almost all of its artifacts, like your initials, a name or a phrase, available on request at the purchase.