by Fabrizio Susi

Microstudio is a brand of self-made design. which was born in 2011 to distribute articles designed by the architectural and design firm Microstudio, composed by architects Fabrizio Susi, Caludio Pierfederici and Stefania Rendine.

Bringing design objects totally made in Italy on the market was the idea behind the collaboration between three friends and colleagues, who has been working side by side with companies and craftsmen of Abruzzo and Marche to implement their ideas. Over time Microstudio amounted to a real collector, putting together enterprises that had never grappled with the realization of design products until now. Companies that combine the full project and enable the development of new products by challenging their knowledge and experimenting with new work techniques.

Thus each Microstudio object becomes an expression of the synthesis between the idea, the traditional techniques and the ability to use the available technology in an alternative way. Through the use of materials such as steel, wood and Plexiglas, Microstudio has created a complete range of objects and furnishings.

The current setup of Microstudio allows flexibility in the production but above all it allows to take care of the entire construction process of an object, starting from the design, through the choice of more appropriate material and technology, up to the prototyping and production. Activities of self-production are flanked by planning to third parties. Among the most important orders, the one received from Ray Ban stands out for the design and implementation of an exclusive gadget given at a party in New York in the occasion of the launch of their new collection.


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Microstudio_design Pescara

Microstudio: a young and creative idea of self-produced design Microstudio: un'idea di design autoprodotto giovane e creativo

Microstudio is a self-produced design brand that originated in 2011 in Pescara, from an idea of the young architect Fabrizio Susi.Microstudio è un brand di design autoprodotto che ha origine nel 2011 a Pescara, da un’idea del giovane architetto Fabrizio Susi.