by Laura Facchin

Laura was born in Germany, more precisely in Balingen (near Stuttgart), and now lives and works in Motta di Livenza (in the province of Treviso) where she carries on her passion and her career as an artist. LFCreaAction is, in fact, a rib of her main activity: be a painter under the name “LedonnediLaura“.

She is self-taught since she has followed a very different path before. Her objective is to transfer emotions onto the canvas, creating a snapshot of her state of mind at that moment. This is why Laura prefers women’s faces, which over the years have become her trademark. Laura exhibited in Italy (Taranto, Padua, Treviso, Matera, Rome and other) and abroad (China, Chicago, New York).

This painter personalizes techniques and styles to make her creations unique. LFCreaAction was born after a workshop that allowed her to learn how to make leather bags. The creations of LFCreaAction are entirely hand-sewn, without the aid of any sewing machine, including the inner lining (sewn and painted by Laura’s hand). Laura also realizes dishes, vases, clothes and interior decoration.

Currently, Laura carries forward her two passions, letting the one influence the other (the faces that decorate the bags are inspired by her own paintings), because she loves to realize something entirely with her hands, giving it a special and original touch.

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