Le gioie di Elli


by Maria Elena Abbate

Maria is a specialized translator, but one day something push her to change her life and become an artisan-artist. In 2014, during a flea market, Maria began to make the first assemblages to create vintage-style necklaces that achieved some success. She realized she had found her raison d’être: creating authentic jewel!

Maria enrol herself in “Istituti Vicenza” to study the goldsmith’s art under the master Mariano Contin. Here, after the first imperfect results, she learned to tame the fire and realize what was set in her mind. Learn the basics she bought the equipment and continue at home. Maria still attends various courses regarding enamels, design, lost wax and much more in order to complete her craft training, these courses not only help her satisfy her curiosity but open her mind to new ideas.

This artist never betrayed her personal style, the one so many years ago had earned the praises of her friends and her first clients. Maria moves between Art Deco style, the 70s vintage style, oriental style and the “everyday style”. The jewels of “Elli”, her nickname, are easy to recognize thanks to the bright and refined colors make possible by using coral, turquoise, carnelian, amethyst, agate and much more.

To make her pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings, Maria mixes metals with different shades and uses enamels technique like cloisonné (a rarity) and/or she decorates the metal with textures realized with the hammer or with the ancient technique of etching. Maria also hybridize more techniques in one piece.