Orafo Landolfo Leonardo


by Leonardo Landolfo

Landolfo Leonardo was born in Francavilla in 1966 and in 1983 he graduated at the Institute of Art of Chieti with the title of “master of art”, but he didn’t stop here and two years later he was granted the title of “Master of Applied Art in the Art of Metals”. After completing his studies he started working in various goldsmith’s workshops, touring all Abruzzo region. He learned how to work in a shop and do all the necessary apprenticeship, going from repairman to a creator, and in 1988 he finally open his own workshop. Where? Obviously in Francavilla al Mare, the beating heart of the creative and manual research of Abruzzo.

Leonardo soon realized that direct contact with the public is an immense source of inspiration and ideas; a master of art must be both competent in his art and able to listen to the client’s wishes. Leonardo’s art needs no introduction because it is precious as the material that craft, molds and vibrates with warm emotions.

The pieces made by this master goldsmith are special because they are traditional and modern at the same time. This craftsman is a master of traditional techniques but he does not disdain modern design, succeeding in creating a perfect fresh union creating evergreen jewelry perfect for every season and every person, regardless of his gender.

Leonardo during the current century collected prizes and awards. Between 2004 and 2012 he was a member of the board of the “Associatione Alento”. In 2006 he was awarded the ” Marchio di appartenenza (official local trademark)” of artistic Chieti craftsmanship and in the same year he was also president of the “Consorzio di Via Confrancavilla”. In 2009 he was president of “Conferescenti” of Francavilla al Mare. In addition to all this, Leonardo Landolfo has also lectured and helped open experimental goldsmith workshops and so on.

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