La Terra Incantata


The magical Land

Born on January the 1°, 2000, from Gianni and Donatello Spagnulo Brothers, this Laboratory of artistic and artisan Ceramics is situated in the stricking ceramic- area of Grottaglie (TA). Art’s Sons for three Generations, both graduated at the Artistic high School, ceramic Department, they grew up developing different production lines, such as the traditional majolic whistle, the Art’s Reproduction and the Design.

With their last Collections they would like to interpret again the Ceramic from Grottaglie, enriching it with contents and matters of sacred and profane Painting, exploring close and far Styles of our traditional Culture, starting points and stimulating visual Worlds in which developing creative Ways that melt in Earth and Fire Art.


Via S. Sofia 67 - via delle Torri 8, 74023 Grottaglie Contact the Artisan

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La Terra Incantata

La Terra Incantata: between dream and realityLa Terra Incantata: tra sogno e realtà

La Terra Incantata has very strong roots in the Apulian territory and in its pottery tradition. The Spagnulo brothers, lovers of their land, draw inspiration by that, but are geared towards innovation and a constant search for new ceramic expressions.La Terra Incantata ha radici ben solide nel territorio pugliese e nella sua tradizione della ceramica. I fratelli Spagnulo, amanti della loro terra, ne traggono ispirazione, ma puntano all'innovazione e ad una ricerca costante di nuove espressioni in ceramica.