L.A. Salomè


by Flavia Zama

L.A. Salomè is an activity that creates hats inspired by different epochs and styles. The activity comes from an idea of ​​Flavia Zama, a person full of enthusiasm, with an irrepressible desire to create, to give freedom to ideas and fantasy, using her passion to follow his own imagination and be able to let it run free. The beautiful Sicily and the specific Favignana in the Egadi Islands make the right frame for the dream and the imagination of Flavia.

Her passion is born when she was young and it begins to materialize thanks to the encounter with a special person, a modist (perhaps one of the last ones), which has made it possible to concretize her need for expression, transmitting to her the secrets of a craft full of potentiality and creativity that can be defined as a true Art form, which unfortunately is now disappearing but has a very ancient history, dating from the 18th century, when the figure of the modist was very important and held already the core of the modes that were born.

The modists were craftsmen who adorned the heads of noble women with hats and decorations of all kinds; to practice the profession it was necessary and still needed creativity, technique, knowledge of materials, all in addition to being able to make manual work, that always is/was the real key to success and realization of masterpieces. A craft that is losing but fortunately persists and also brings inspiration, in fact thanks to this encounter and thanks to such dedication, patience and patience, Flavia’s desire to pursue her dream has become reality with her L.A. Salomè.

The ideas and teachings learned here could materialize and give birth to original and creative accomplishments that will lay the foundations for continuing to make one of the most fascinating crafts in fashion history life and to remember its fundamental role within it. The interesting aspect of this artisanal achievement is the retrieval of manuality, which, also giving way to innovation through new production techniques, uses materials that are rediscovered and valued or used for other uses different from they were born for. Everything without losing sight of the goal of preserving and disseminating this kind of antique craftsmanship, however, must always take into account the originality and the renewal of ideas, and to come up with the opportunity to propose a handmade and quality product.

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