La Mancina


by Marta Driusso

Born in 1990 in the province of Venice, in 2014 Marta graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a thesis entitled “Contemporary jewel: subverted traditions”, and then in 2018 graduated (with honors) in the master in Jewelery History and Design, at the University of Siena. Thus, after various experiences gained in artisan ceramic and goldsmith workshops, in Italy and abroad, in 2019 he inaugurated his company in Florence: La mancina – unconventional jewelry.

Marta has always felt “The left-handed”, not only because she writes and draws with her left hand, but because through her creations she wants to recall an alternative point of view of seeing things, an artistic and unconventional world. For this reason, La mancina, today is also a material: cartoceramics, which was born from an intuition that occurred one day a few years ago, when Marta finds herself in her hands a splendid papier-mache bracelet, massive and very light at the same time.

Having in mind the beauty of glazed ceramic and also knowing its criticalities, such as fragility and heaviness, Marta has tried to create a perfected material that over the years has always improved and composed of recycled paper, industrial waste ceramic powder and resin, enclosing the beauty of ceramic and the lightness of paper in a single material with great attention to the environment.

La Mancina bijoux are characterized by bright colors and organic shapes, and want to convey an ironic and naive joy. In fact, Marta’s intent is to create visual amazement, thanks to the interlocking lines and texture of the surfaces, and to convey a sense of serenity. His sources of inspiration are many: street art, naive art, art brut, German expressionism, but also and above all elementary and natural geometric shapes. Marta has always been fascinated and intrigued by the casual imperfection, which in her creations is found among the ripples of the paper: giving oneself to imperfection means moving away from the ambition of its opposite, accepting one’s human dimension and accepting oneself as one is. La Mancina bijoux are handmade one by one and are therefore all unique pieces.

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Marta Driusso, from the Academy of Fine Arts to the conception of CeramicPaper for the creation of unique jewelsMarta Driusso, dall'Accademia di Belle Arti all'ideazione della CartoCeramica per la creazione di gioielli unici

Marta Driusso, a young artist from Portogruaro, only 30 years old but has already created a material egg, the CeramicPaper, with which she creates splendid fashion accessories, shiny, waterproof, resistant and very light.Marta Driusso, giovane artista di Portogruaro, a solo 30 anni ma ha già ideato un nuovo materiale, la CartoCermanica, con la quale realizza splendidi accessori moda, lucidi, impermeabili, resistenti e leggerissimi.